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C) all of the above

2. The current president of Belarus was elected to the post in

a) 1994 and is now serving his third term

b) 1999 and is now serving his second term

C) none of the above

3. The Belarusian President is directly elected by the people of Belarus

a) for a 4-year term of office

b) for a 5-year term of office

4. Any Belarusian citizen over the age of

a) 21 can vote in the elections

b) 16 can vote in the elections

c) 18 can vote in the elections

5. Presidential candidates must be:

a) over 35years old

b) resident in Belarus for at least 10 years

c) all of the above

6. As well as being head of state, the President also fulfils a number of other roles including:

a) Commander-in-Chief of theArmed Forces of Belarus

b) Head of theSecurity Council

c) Guarantor of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus

d) all of the above

7. The President of Belarus has wide-reaching powers. These include:

a) implementing the key principles of domestic and foreign policy

b) representing the State of Belarus on the international stage

c) calling regular and extraordinaryParliament elections

d) appointing the Prime Minister and the Chair of the principal courtsin Belarus

e) signing bills

f) granting pardons to convicted prisoners

g) awarding state honours, ranks and titles

h) all of the above

8. The Belarusian Government – or Council of Ministers–is made up of

a) thePrime Minister of Belarus, his deputies and ministers

b) the President of Belarus and his deputies

9. The Prime Minister is

a) proposed by the President and approved by Parliament

b) approved by the President and proposed by Parliament

10. Government powers are determined by

a) the Constitutionof the Republic of Belarus

b) the President of Belarus and his deputies

11. Belarus’ Council of Ministers is responsible for the work of public agencies and ministerial bodies including:

a) public administration, ministries, ministerial committees

b) KGB, military industry and front line troops, customs, aviation

c) science and technology

d) all of the above

11. The Government’s mandate covers:

a) national budget control

b) domestic and foreign policy

c) economic and social developmentprogrammes

d) national security

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