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Ekaterinburg is my native town. I was born here and I like it very much.

Ekaterinburg is situated in the Middle Urals, almost at the point where Europe and Asia meet. It stands on the Iset River.

It is the biggest industrial city in the Urals and one of the biggest industrial and cultural centres of Russia.

Our city was founded in 1723 by captain Tatischev who was an able engineer and scientist. He was sent to the Urals by Peter the Great with the task of building metallurgical plants there. Tatischev called the newly - built settlement Ekaterinburg in honour of Katherine, Peter's wife. Soon Ekaterinburg became one of the largest centres of metallurgical enterprises not only in Russia but in Europe, too.

Towards the end of the 18th century Ekaterinburg grew into an important industrial and commercial centre but it remained a backward provincial town from the cultural point of view. It can be proved by the fact that there was not a single higher school in the town.

Nowadays, Ekaterinburg is a big centre of industry, education, science and culture with the population over 1,5 million people. More than two hundred plants make it one of the leading industrial centers of Russia. Their production may be found not only in the country but also abroad.

Ekaterinburg can be proud of more than 16 higher schools, a lot of secondary, technical and vocational schools and colleges. There is also the Urals Branch of the Academy of Sciences of Russia and a lot of research institutions. The city has seven theatres, the Philharmonic, the Conservatoire and many museums. There are many places of historic and contemporary interest in the city.

New residential areas sprang up both in the city centre and in the suburbs. Modern city is an ensemble of beautiful squares, multy-storeyed blocks of flats and fine parks and gardens. The city is especially beautiful in spring and summer.

Answer the questions:

1. Where is the city situated?

2. When was Ekaterinburg founded?

3. Who is its founder?

4. What was the city in the past?

5. How many plants are there in the city today?

6. What is the city famous for?

7. Is Ekaterinburg a city of students?

8. What can you say about its cultural life?

9. What is the population of the city?

10. What new residential areas have appeared in this city?

11.What is the pride of Ekaterinburg?


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