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Aromatic hydrocarbons are compounds that contain a ring of six carbon atoms with alternating double and single bonds and six attached hydrogen atoms. This type of structure is known as a benzene ring. They occur naturally in crude oil, and can also be created by the refining process.

The more carbon atoms a hydrocarbon molecule has, the "heavier" it is (the higher is its molecular weight) and the higher is its boiling point.

Small quantities of a crude oil may be composed of compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur and metals. Sulphur content ranges from traces to more than 5 per cent. If a crude oil contains appreciable quantities of sulphur it is called a sour crude (at least 2.5% sulfur); if it contains little or no sulphur it is called a sweet crude (sulfur content less than 0.5%).


Ex.1 Answer the following questions:

1. Where can hydrocarbons exist?

2. What are the main hydrocarbon groups?

3. How does the number of carbon atoms influence hydrocarbon molecular properties?

4. What is a benzene ring?

5. How is crude oil classified into sweet and sour?

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