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Oil and Gas Quiz


1) What is the principal component of petroleum?

a) hydrocarbons

b) carbon dioxide

c) compound of nitrogen


2) Oil and gas are formed from

a) sand and silt

b) organic remains

c) anaerobic bacteria


3) Crude oil is found in

a) a refinery

b) a surface deposit

c) a reservoir


4) The place where crude oil is processed is called . . .

a) a well

b) a refinery

c) a pipeline


5) How much time does it take to change the remains of microscopic plant and animal remains into crude and natural gas?

a) thousands of years

b) hundreds of years

c) millions of years


6) Crude oil can be

a) sweet and sour

b) gaseous and aromatic

c) pink and blue


7) How is the word “petroleum” translated from the Latin?

a) rock oil

b) liquid rock

c) energy from the Earth


8) How are oil and gas are extracted from the trap?

a) by blasting

b) by pumping

c) by drilling


9) What type of oil trap doesn’t exist?

a) stratigraphic

b) fault

c) inclined


10) How are called all fundamental steps of oil genesis?

a) benzene ring

b) oil system

c) Petroleum source




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