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Jobs on the Rig

Ex.1 Study the following vocabulary before reading:

boil weevil a rig worker or an oilfield worker without


mousehole a shallow cased hole close to the rotary table.

When making up a string, each single is stood

here so that it can be connected quickly and

easily to the kelly.

scraping rust using a sharp tool to remove rust


hosing down using a water hose at pressure to clean up the

rig or protect it from fire.

dope special grease for pipe threads; i.e., some oily

substance used to lubricate (to make smooth or

slippery) the threads of tools, casing, etc.

kelly bushing the part of the drive assembly which transmits

motion to the kelly and permits the kelly to

move vertically while rotating or still. All

vertical measurements on the rig are taken

from the RKB (rotary kelly bushing).

tubing small-gauge pipe, usually of outside diameter

(OD) also called «macaroni».

Ex.2 Read the text and find the synonyms for the following words:

risk of harm, mud, specialist, to work, spoken, vacancy, ranking, sphere, to include, job responsibilities, to lift

The job seekers of oil and gas positions usually know that most of the available positions in the oil rigs are in the production sector. This sector involves the drilling activities and the extraction of the petroleum from the reservoirs. If you want to be a part of a team of professionals, here are your choices within the oil rig hierarchy:

  1. Rig Manager
  2. Driller
  3. Derrick hand
  4. Roughneck
  5. Roustabout

Drilling is one of those jobs where a man has to work his way up. Even if a man has a university or polytechnic education, most oil companies will want him to get rig experience by working on the floor with the rotary crew for a certain period. A boll weevil, even if he is well-educated, can be a highly dangerous person around the rotary table. He may be a danger to himself (by breaking a leg in the mousehole, for example), and may be a hazard to the other members of the crew. What might happen, for instance, if he opened the wrong valve or misunderstood an urgentinstruction?

On some rigs, the first step up the ladder is the job of roustabout. A roustabout does semi-skilled labour such as scraping rust, hosing down, painting, carrying cans of dope, unloading materials and supplies, etc.

Having worked for a time as a roustabout, a man might be ready for the job of roughneck. Among a roughneck's duties are such things as operating the cathead, handling the slips and tongs, standing pipe back in the derrick, assisting in mixing the slush, and soon. Like a roustabout, a roughneck may have to be told what to do. In general, though, roughnecks know their job well enough to get on with it for the minimumnumber of spoken instructions. It's noisy around the kelly bushing, and events frequently take place too fast for verbal orders to be given. Much of the time, roughnecks are expected to know automatically what must be done. Next, between the positions of roughneck and driller, is the job of derrickman. The derrickman works from about 60 ft. to 90 ft. above the rig floor, near the top of the derrick, where he attaches or detaches the elevators when pipe or casing is run into or pulled out of the hole. The height at which he works depends on the length of the sections of pipe, casing or tubing that, have to be handled. These may be in doubles, thribbles, or fourbles. The derrickman also cleans, oils, greases, inspects and repairs the pulley blocks and cables which are used to raise and lower sections of pipe and casing. When he isn't busy on his platform up in the derrick, the derrickman usually has special responsibility for the slush pumps and tanks.

Rigs operate around the clock. The period from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. is the daylight tour, 4 p.m. to 12 midnight is the afternoon tour, and 12 midnight to 8 a.m. is referred to as «graveyard tour». Offshore crews usually work twelve-hour tours.


Ex 3. Answer the following questions:

1. What is the hierarchy of jobs on the rig?

2. What is each worker responsible for?

3. Why might it be hazardous to the crew to have a green worker on the rig floor?

4. Would you like to work as a roustabout? Give the reasons for your answer.

5. How long do rigs operate?


Ex.4 Match the jobs with their definitions


1. a roughneck A. an oilman who is in charge of rig


2. a toolpusher B. rig worker who helps around the rig


3. a project manager C. a scientist who studies underground

shock waves

4. a pipe fitter D. an oilman who works high up in the


5. a geologist E. an oilfield worker who directs oil from

wells into pipelines

6. a welder F. a worker who maintains and repairs the


7. a pineliner G. a worker who main task is to weld the

segments of pipes together

8. a derrickman H. a worker who has to make sure that the

joints of the pipe are properly aligned.

9. a seismologist I. a person who will outline the project

scoping, the estimative costs and

schedule of thе operations

10. switcher J. is a scientist who studies the composition

and the structure of the earth in the area

that is supposed to contain petroleum




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