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What Is Law?

Law is the whole set of rules that are supported by the power of government and that control the behaviour of members of a society. The I i itself provides the basic structure within which commerce and individual operate. It safeguards the rights of individuals, regulates their dealings with others and enforces the duties of government.

There are two main kinds of the law - public and private (civil) Private law concerns disputes among citizens within a country, and puMli law concerns disputes between citizens and the state, or between one state and another.

The system of law consists of different categories of law.

There are laws which enable citizens to take legal action against the state. These actions are part of constitutional law. A constitution is the political and ideological structure within which a system of laws operate. Most countries have a formal written Constitution describing how laws arc № be made and enforced.

Many countries face similar social, economic and political problem Nations have always made political and economic treaties with each other International law is created to regulate relations between governments and always between private citizens of one country and those of another.

Criminal law deals with wrongful acts harmful to the community and punishable by the state.

Civil law deals with individual rights, duties and obligations toward one another.

As well as defining the powers of government, most constitution! describe the fundamental rights of citizens. These usually include general declarations about freedom and equality, but, also some specific provision The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) was first adopted in 1950 and has now been signed by every country of Western Europe Individual citizens of these countries have the right to bring a complaint before the European Commission if they think their government has broken the Convention. But despite the development of legally binding national and international conventions, millions of people in the world still do not enjoy human rights

Guess the meaning of these words.

System, control, structure, industry, constitution, individual, regulate, blic, civil, category, legal, political, general, ideological, formal, social, economic, problem, international, criminal, act, fundamental, declaration, pecific, convention, commission, million.

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