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Read the text again to fill in the gaps.

1. The classic money launderer was … .

2. If the illicit income is small — and especially if you also have a straight job that you do pay taxes on … .

3. You probably don't need to … .

4. As soon as you do anything with the money — spend or invest it — it might well … .

5. The solution — classic money laundering — is to create a business to ostensibly … .

6. Any business that brings in a good deal of cash … .

7. The other thing sometimes called money laundering is when you have some big lump of cash … .

8. In this kind of money laundering, the point is to make ... .

9. This is the sort of money laundering where you might make use of … .

10. First, you need to make the money... .

11. Second, you need to make it reappear in some gradual fashion that doesn’t bring it to ... .


9. Make up short dialogues between:

- a prosecutor and a defendant, who is suspected in money laundering;

- a money launderer and a lawyer, who defends him;

- a prosecutor and a judge who will sentence the defendant for money laundering;

- a defender who speaks for the criminal and a jury;

- a plaintiff and a judge;

- a witness, a prosecutor and a judge;

Text 4.

1. Read the text to choose the appropriate title:

Disappearing the money.

Reappearing the money.

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