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Fill in the gaps, using the necessary words from exercise 7.

1. The … treaty is premised on the notion that the protection of intellectual property rights is essential to maintaining economic growth.

2. A … is something that's actively treated as confidential and is not known generally in your industry.

3. In our time it became less and less … in science.

4. They have no choice: any reduction in rights would be prohibited by European … .

5. An Apple … is designed to eliminate blurry iPhone photos.

6. Few firms have expanded their sphere of activity through the … of new products.

7. The iconic KROMEKOTE … represents world class Cast Coated papers and boards and related high gloss products.

8. In the past, … enforcers have targeted pirates by using files they download to track their Internet protocol addresses.

9. This year it was a question of … more than anything else.

9. Give reasons why you agree or disagree with the following statements. Discuss it with your partner, using the given clichés:

1. Common types of intellectual property rights include copyright and patents.

2. Intellectual property doesn’t need protection.

3. Musical and literary works don’t belong to the intellectual property

4. Today intellectual property is very important to support economic growth.

5. The state should help in the development and protection of intellectual property.


I quite agree, that…..

I`m absolutely certain of that…

Yes, indeed…

Yes, that`s true…

I`m not sure of that…

On the one hand…., on the other hand…

I`m exactly of the same opinion…

I`m afraid you are not quite right...

I`m sorry, but you must be mistaken…


Text 2.

1. Read the text to answer the questions below:

What is a trademark?

What is a trade secret?

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Unit 2. Intellectual Property. Infringements and Cybercrimes. | Match the words from the left column with their definitions from the right column.

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