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Match the words from the left column with their definitions from the right column.

1. trademark a. without moral standards or principles
2. whimsical b. a legal document giving official permission to do something.
3. amoral c. words, names, symbols or devises, or any combination of these, used to identify the goods of a business and to distinguish these goods from the goods of others
4. domain name d. the number or expression resulting from the multiplication together of two or more numbers or expressions
5. product e. the act of enrolling
6. license f. trines of letters and numbers that are used to name organizations and computers and addresses on the internet
7. registration g. full of, or characterized by, whims; actuated by a whim; having peculiar notions; queer; strange; freakish


Fill in the gaps using the necessary words from exercise 5.

1. The most basic functionality of a … is to provide symbolic representations, i.e., recognizable names, to mostly numerically addressed Internet resources.

2. The company's newest is selling well.

3. The album also saw the … songwriting of the band reach its peak - using a range of instruments broader than seen before, and with far more ambitious tendencies.

4. In Australia … are governed by the 1995 Trade Mark Act and are administered by a federal government department called IP Australia.

5. An aircraft … is a unique alphanumeric string that can be used to identify any aircraft.

6. The effects of the … are to suspend or relax the rules of war to the extent of the authority given.

7. Their lyrics express a disdain for dogmatic religion and promote an …, dark spirituality and independence from religious and social norms.

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