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Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. If there (is no/ were no) laws we (could not/can`t) go out fear of being kidnapped.

2. If people (are, were) all as good as we ought to be, laws (would/will) still be necessary.

3. If the Judge (found/will find) the defendant guilty, he (would appeal/will appeal) against a sentence.

4. It (would/was) be rather hard, if the civil actions (were not/will not) started by the individuals.

5. If criminals (didn`t commit/commit) crimes, we (would live/live) a happier life.

6. He (would be/will be) punished severely, if the state (proved/proves) he had committed it.

7. If the capital punishment (were not/is not) abolished in our country, there (would be/will be) less crimes in our society.

9. Read the following statement and then discuss it with your partner, using the following models, given below:

Crime is violation of law that forbids or commands an activity. Such crimes as murder, rape, arson are on the books of every country. Because crime is a violation of public order, the government prosecutes criminal cases.

I think it is true, because ………

To my mind, it is false because …………

As a matter of fact……..

On the one hand……, on the other hand…..

It is necessary to note……….


Find out more information about organized crime. Write a short essay.

Text 5.

Read the text to answer the following questions

Is it necessary to differentiate a crime of passion from the crime which is planned?

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You can see 10 top causes of crime. Agree or disagree with this range. If you agree, explain why. If you disagree arrange the following causes in your own order and explain it. | Match the words from the left column with their definitions from the right column.

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