Complete the sentences, using the necessary words from exercise 5.

1. Gun violence is increasing at an alarming .

2. The criminal was accused of .

3. The cashier was at gunpoint.

4. She suffered a death in a car accident.

5. Those people made me so mad I felt like I wanted to them.

6. The country was not destroyed by outside enemies but by a series of wars.

7. There have been a number of ... in the neighborhood in recent months.

8. It was the senator who his power.


7. Decide which sentences are true and which are false? Make the false sentences true:

1. The crime rate in the U.S., which rose dramatically in the 1960s 1970s, has gone raised steadily.

2. Department of Justice statistics show that serious crimes (murder, rape, robbery, etc.) declined 7 percent and an additional 4.5 percent the following year.

3. FBI figures for 1986 showed an increase in violent crimes.

4. Public opinion polls show that Americans view crimes as one of the most serious problems of their society.

5. According to Interpol, the general crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants for the U.S. is significantly higher than that for several other western nations.

6. Unemployment, drug-abuse, poverty, ineffective courts, racial discrimination, consumerism, television are reasons of serious crime.

7. In some neighborhoods, citizens participate in neighborhood watch programs and organize groups to patrol the streets.


8. Find these phrases in the text to choose the meaning in which they're used

1.serious crimes declined... a. they disappeared;
b.their rate became lower;
c. they were punished seriously  
2.experts ... were puzzled a. they were upset;
b.they were criticized;
c. they were perplexed
3. reasons for it suggested a. facts, that help us to understand why crimes are committed, are suggested;
b.arguments are suggested;
c. solutions are suggested
4. among these are ..., drug-abuse a. taking drugs;
b.alcohol consumption;
c. drug trafficking (selling drugs)
5. "encouraging their citizens to participate in... a. encouraging them to reject it;
b.encouraging them to be indifferent;
c. encouraging them to take part in


9. Give reasons why you agree or disagree with the following statements. Discuss it with your partner, using the following clichés:

I dont really agree.

I completely agree.

1 agree up to the point, but...

I couldnt agree more.

I dont agree at all.

Thats right.


1. The crime rate in the U.S. rose dramatically in the 1980s.

2. Any solicitor can advise you how to start divorce proceedings.

3. Public opinion polls always show a real state of affairs.

4. The crime rate isnt connected with the economic situation of the country.

5. The general crime rate in Russia is significantly lower than in Europe.

6. Drug-abuse is one of the reasons for serious crimes.

7. Crime-prevention programs can help to stop the increase of violent crime rate.


10. Choose one of the following topics to write an essay:

1. The idea of crime prevention programs (in your country).

2. Television provokes violent crimes.

3. Poverty and crime rate.


Look at the picture. Here you can see the crime clock statistics in the USA. Work in small groups. Find out some information about crime clock statistics in the other countries. Present your answers to the other groups to compare the information


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