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Упражнение 24. Восстановите прямую речь в предложениях.

1. Не said that he had studied English before he entered the institute.

2. She said that her parents lived in Sochi.

3. He told me that his son would arrive the next day.

4. David said he had broken his bicycle.

5. They told us they were busy: they were discussing a very important question.

6. Tom said he had been working at school for three years.

7. She said her daughter would go on a trip the following month.

8. James said he liked to see adventure films.

9. My friend said she wanted to buy a dog for her children.

10. Jane told me she would return my book to me the following week.

11. His mother told him not to go to school because he was ill.

12.Sue said Ann had invited her to stay in her house for the following weekend.

13.His friend told him that he didn't think he could help.

14.She said she could not go for a walk with me as she was watching an interesting TV programme.

15. They told me that the train was leaving at the moment.

Упражнение 25. Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. She said: "My parents are arriving tomorrow".

2. "We will be waiting at the station when you arrive", they told to him.

3. "When I get money, I'll buy a new car", said my friend.

4. He said: "I must go and post a letter".

5. She said: "I stayed in a hotel for two weeks".

6. "Don't speak in a loud voice, you brother is sleeping", told mother to him.

7. "I can see you tomorrow", she said.

8. Beth said: "When father comes, I shall show him my picture".

9. "I've made some discoveries for myself today", said Meg.

10."If you go straight, you will lose your way", the warning said.

11. "It's a nice country. You can reach the sea from any place", my uncle said.

12. "Don't play with a dog. Go and do your lessons", his elder sister told him.

13. "If they come to see me, I'll bake my favourite cake for them", said Jane.

14.He said: "I will take the place of the man of the family now".

15."Remember the warning “Don't play with fire", said the man.

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