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Упражнение 34. Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. The teacher asked the boy: "Why are your hands so dirty?"

2.Father said: "Look at these clouds. It is raining soon".

3.Jack said to Sam: "Are you doing anything this evening?"

4. "I haven't learnt a poem for today", said Pete.

5. She said: "I like this song from the sixties".

6. He asked me: "Where was Richard going when you met him?"

7. My grandmother said to me: "You're grown up now".

8. "What did you do at the lesson yesterday?" said his mother.

9. "Have you paid for everything?" the security guard said to him.

10.Nellie said: "I want to keep this because it reminds me of my grandfather".

11."We have got about twenty Cafe in our city", the manager said.

12.My mother said: "Don't use too much salt in the meat".

13.She said to him: "I have not spoken to you for three days".

14.Eric said: "Sorry I didn't phone you last night".

15.Father said: "Don't lean out of the window".

Упражнение 35. Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. Не asked me: "When can I talk to you?"

2. Eric said to me: "Come and have a look at my new bike".

3. "I'll get the ticket to the concert. I promise!" David said.

4. Delia said: "Tom has invited me to go sailing at the weekend.

5. The man said: "Don't park your car in front of the gate".

6. The manager said: "We have received a complaint about the prices".

7. "Do you know the cause of the fire?" asked the policeman.

8. "When I get a job, I'll buy a new car", said Mike.

9. "You will get a sunstroke if you spend more time in the sun", he said.

10. She asked me: "Have you ever made a speech in front of one thousand people?"

11. "If time allows, discuss this question with me", my brother said.

12. "Will you refuse to see your best friend for a million pounds?" he asked me.

13. Paul said to us: "Someone has stolen my case".

14. The tourist said: "I don't speak French and can't order a cup of coffee".

15.My sister said: "I've got a headache".

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