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Упражнение 44. Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. Paul said to me: "If he phones, tell him that I am not at home".

2. "Do you think that the doctors are good?" asked Lucy.

3. "Listen, Ann!" said her friend. - "I've met Boris with another girl".

4. "What's the weather like? Is it still raining?" asked my aunt.

5. "Don't be late. We will be waiting for you", they said to me.

6. "Do you believe him?" said the old lady.

7. "What is this play about?" said Tom to Mary.

8. Jenny's father said to her: "Stop talking!"

9. "Have you left a message on an answer phone?" I asked him.

10. My granny said to me: "Turn off the radio immediately".

11."Why hasn't Bruno finished the conversation?" said Ron.

12. She said to the policeman: "Can you show the right direction?"

13. "Get out of the car and don't move!" they told him.

14. "Do you think ozone layer will get bigger?" asked the scientist.

15.I asked my friend: "What did they tell you to do?"

Упражнение 45. Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь.

1. Why hasn't she paid the bills yet?" asked father.

2. The librarian said to children: "Return books in time”

3. "Where were they last night?" said Dan to them.

4. The teacher said: "The children are doing their sums at the moment".

5. Kate said: "I have the story and now I am making up a plan".

6. "Are you playing tennis this afternoon?" asked Bill.

7. Ann said about Jack: "He never thinks about other people".

8. "What happened to Jane last night?" said Mary.

9. "It will take me an hour to cook the dinner", said Helen.

10. My parents said to my younger brother: "Cross the street when the traffic light is green".

11. "I have lost my key. I'm looking for it", said Tom.

12. "Why do you think the exam will be easy?" she asked me.

13."How long has Ann lived in Poltava?" asked he.

14. "Your English is very good", he said to me. - "You make very few mistakes".

15. "He will be away till next month", his wife said to us.


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