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Basic Military Training

What does it take to unleash a young person’s talent and potential? That’s the question that Basic Training – officially called Initial-entry Training – tries to answer. Each armed service has its own process for helping young people realize their potential, and the training can vary between six and 13 weeks.

Basic Military Training prepares recruits for all elements of service: physical, mental, and emotional. It gives servicepeople the basic tools necessary to perform the roles that will be asked of them for the duration of their tour of duty.

More than just pushups and mess halls, the Army Basic Combat Trainingis a 9-week-long journey of self-discovery. As recruits go through Basic Training, they discover their inner strength and learn valuable skills that will help them succeed as soldiers in the Army and in life.

Although the smallest force among the armed services, the Marine Corps boasts the most thorough Marine Corps Recruit Training curriculum. It offers a variety of military training subjects including the Crucible – a finalendurance test of teamwork that every recruit must passbefore being rewarded with the title of Marine. Over the span of 12 weeks, a young person will be transformed into a fully capable Marine.

Basic Training, called Boot Camp in the Navy, is an 8-week program that transforms civilians into sailors. The training takes place at the Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois. Navy Military Training (NMT) continues the Sailorizationprocess started at Recruit Training Command. NMT is comprised of three major components: a formal curriculum, a positive military environment, and a professional military staff committed to providing leadership, supervision, mentoring, counseling and positive reinforcement.

NMT is designed to span the new Sailors' first year in the Navy and be a partnership between the fleet and Naval Education and Training Command (NAVEDTRACOM) to ensure the continued professional military development of junior enlisted Sailors. The first part of the curriculum (NMT Core) is to be completed during the first 3 weeks aboard the training command. The remaining curriculum is taught a minimum of one topic per week thus the amount of NMT training received by each Sailor will vary by length of stay in the training command.

Air Force Basic Military Training is a short but intense six weeks of challenging instruction. But by the time they graduate, trainees will be thoroughly familiarized with basic Air Force knowledge, history, customs and courtesies, and laws. The Air Force Basic Military Training is conducted at Lackland AFB near San Antonio, Texas. This is the single BMT location, where approximately 35,000 recruits go annually.

"Warrior week" is a week of training that takes place in a tent city for1000 people. During the week, the recruit will learn about force protection, law of armed conflict, code of conduct, forward "front-line" deployment, field communications, self-aid and buddy care, readiness and chemical warfare, intelligence briefings, operational exercises, and weapons orientation.

After warrior week is completed, there will be ceremonies held and the recruit will be addressed as "Airman."

The USCG recruits undergo their 8-week training program at the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, New Jersey. Unlike the other armed services, the Coast Guard’s men and women are trained for active roles in Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Aids to Navigation, Marine & Environmental Safety, Ice Patrol, Recreational Boating Safety, and more.

Cadet Basic Trainingis a 6-week program that helps a young man make a rapid transition to military life. He is physically challenged with daily physical fitness trainingthat helps prepare him for long footmarches, mountaineering, rifle marksmanshipandtactical maneuvers. "Beast Barracks", as it is commonly called, is challenging, stressful, physically demanding and rewarding. It establishes a foundation for cadet’s basic military skills.

Aside from achieving a high standard of personal physical fitness, the cadet also learns how to organize and conduct physical and recreational training. On the obstacle course a cadet acquires confidence and self-reliance, while in the swimming pool, life-saving and swimming in combat clothing are taught. In the gymnasium strength and agility are developed, and endurance marches increase the ability to resist fatigue. The whole syllabus ensures that every cadet leaves BMT in top physical condition.

Teamwork and leadership development are emphasized during BMT. The BMT provides leadership training by providing the opportunity to practice leadership techniques in a group situation. Cadets are evaluated on the basis of such things as their leadership style, interpersonal skills,andtheability to function as a part of a team. They receive basics of small arms training, survival training and a confidence course. Cadets also participate in formal activities as military parade and retreat ceremonies.

The education of a serviceperson doesn’t end at Basic Training. While lessons and experience are gained with every day spent in service, each armed service also offers advanced training that builds on the foundation established in Basic. Service personnel are given the opportunity to hone their skills and acquire new ones that will allow them to take on specialized roles as they continue their respective tours in the military.


s Answer the questions

1. What is basic military training?

2. What services have BMT?

3. What does a person gain in the BMT?

4. Is there BMT for cadets?

5. What is taught during the BMT?

6. Does the training of a serviceman continue after the BMT?


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Unleash a young person’s talent and potential; realize their potential; prepare recruits; elements of service; basic tools; perform the roles; tour of duty; discover one’s inner strength; succeed as soldier; transform civilians into sailors; be rewarded with the title of Marine; be transformed into a fully capable Marine; challenging instruction; be thoroughly familiarized with; Air Force history, customs and courtesies; go annually; Law Enforcement; Search and Rescue; Aids to Navigation; Marine & Environmental Safety; Ice Patrol; Recreational Boating Safety; make a rapid transition to military life; establish a foundation for cadet’s basic military skills; organize and conduct physical and recreational training; acquire confidence and self-reliance; build on; formal curriculum;forward “front-line” deployment; fully capable;military parade and retreat ceremonies; pass.


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Техніка безпеки на воді; створювати основу базових навичок курсанта; стати повноцінним морським піхотинцем; розкрити талант та потенціал особистості; розкрити внутрішню силу; проявити свій потенціал; пошуково-рятувальні операції; перетворювати цивільних на моряків; перебування на військовій службі; патрулювання на льоду; отримувати звання морського піхотинця; основні засоби; основи навігації; організовувати та проводити фізичну підготовку та відпочинок; набувати впевненості в своїх силах; мати успіх у службі; зробити швидкий перехід до військового життя; історія, правила та традиції ВПС; забезпечення правопорядку; елементи військової служби; екологічна безпека моря та навколишнього середовища; детально ознайомитися з; готувати новобранців; відвідувати щорічно; виконувати функції; важке навчання; нарощувати; офіційна програма навчання; розгортання підрозділу до бою; повністю придатний до служби;стройова підготовка; проходити.

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Вогнева підготовка; “Beast Barracks”; протистояти втомі; “Warrior week”; проходити підготовку; ability to function as a part of a team; виховувати; aboard the training command; набувати цінних навичок; advanced training; вдосконалювати навички; Air Force Basic Military Training; нарощувати на основі чогось; Army Basic Combat Training; готуватися до активного застосування; basic military skills; переносити велике фізичне навантаження; Boot Camp; звання морського піхотинця; Cadet Basic Training; наметове містечко; Coast Guard Training; взаємодія; code of conduct; тактична підготовка; continued professional military development; навчальний план; counseling; контроль; the Crucible; період в 12 тижнів; endurance march; endurance test; первинна медична допомога; field communications; військова підготовка ВМС; footmarch; стрілецька підготовка; force protection; командування первинної бойової підготовки; formal curriculum; новобранець; forward “front-line” deployment; захист від зброї масового ураження; fully capable; позитивна підтримка; in a group situation; справжнє військове середовище; Initial-entry Training; фізична підготовка; intelligence briefing; тактичні вправи.

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