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What is the City notable for?

Bit by bit London was being constructed until it has become the city which is now one of the most beautiful and attractive places in the world.

The oldest part of it is the City which is the business and financial centre of London.

During the day it is full of people, but at the end of the day, businessmen, clerks, and Secretaries go home and it becomes silent and empty.

Besides the City there are many other attractions such as Trafalgar Square with the Nelson column in the centre, the Houses of Parliament with the famous Big Ben, a lot of beautiful parks and gardens among which is Hyde Park well known all over the world.


What is the Tube?

Bands were playing and the gentlemen in hats were preparing to make speeches about their great achievement. They made the first underground travel in the world - a distance of almost four miles.

It was the year 1863 and on that historic day 30,000 Londoners used this new and strange way of travel. Now more than a hundred years later the London Underground carries more than a million passengers every day.

It is said that the London Underground (Englishmen call it the Tube) is the safest form of transport in the world.


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