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Fill in the gaps with necessary prepositions.

1. The oil industry is often divided __________ three major sectors.

2. The downstream oil sector is a term commonly used to refer ________ the refining _________crude oil, and the selling and distribution of natural gas and products derived _________ crude oil.

3. The upstream sector includes the searching _________ potential underground or underwater oil and gas fields.

5. Midstream operations are usually simply included __________the downstream category.

6. The process of oil production, transportation, refinery and sale is managed _______oil companies.

7. These are deeply involved _______ the oil business providing services that help oil companies to carry ________ their operations.

8. The company's main business is the exploration _________and the production, processing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons.

9. Shell is incorporated in the UK with its corporate headquarters in The Hague, its tax residence is _______ the Netherlands, and its primary listings _______ the London Stock Exchange.

10. Shell's revenues _______ $318.8 billion _______2006 made it the second-largest corporation in the world ______ revenues behind only ExxonMobil.

11.Rosneft conducts oil and gas exploration and production activities _______ Sakhalin island, _____ Siberia, ________ the Timan-Pechora province, and ___southern Russia, including Chechnya.

12. Its plant _______ Tuapse, ________ the Black Sea, focuses __________ refining high-gravity oil from western Siberia.

13. According _________its website, it seems to be completely owned _______ the Russian Federation.


What do the following abbreviations stand for?



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Products: natural gas, petroleum | State whether the sentences are true or false according to the text. If true, add the information on the statement. If false, correct the sentence.

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