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Study the definitions in Appendix (pg. 60-61 ). Match departments and personnel with their definitions.

1. Accountant Dept. 11. Personnel Dept.
2. AGM 12. President (US)
3. Board of Directors 13. Production Dept.
4. Chairman 14. Purchasing Dept.
5. Director 15. Marketing Dept.
6. Executive Officer 16. R and D Dept.
7. Headquarters 17. Reception
8. Manager 18. Sales Department
9. Managing director 19. Shareholders
10. Organization chart 20. Vice President

A. Any of several executive officers, each responsible for a separate division.

B. A member of the board of directors.

C. Person who holds or owns shares in or a part of company or corporation.

D. Department responsible for finding and buying everything for a company.

E. A company’s principal or main office or centre of control.

F. Group of people chosen to establish policy for and control a company.

G. Department responsible for administrating a company’s financial affairs.

H. Department that puts goods on market including packaging, advertising,


I. The place where visitors and clients report on arrival at a company.

J. A table or plan showing a company’s structure graphically.

K. Annual General Meeting of a company’s shareholders.

L. Department responsible for finding customers and making sales.

M. The highest executive officer of a company, head of the company.

N. Department responsible for Research and Development of (new) product.

O. Person who heads a Board of Directors, head of a company, chairperson.

P. Department responsible for physical creation of a product.

Q. Senior director after the chairman responsible for day-to-day direction.

R. Department responsible for recruitment and welfare of staff or employees.

S. Person managing the affairs of a corporation – chief executive officer.

T. Person responsible for day-to-day running of a department, executive


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Fill in the chart with the information on domestic and foreign oil companies. Use some additional resources: for example, www. Wikipedia.ed. | Match the job title with the definition.

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