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Pay attention to the following word-formations.

Lead – leader – leadership

Pass – passable – impassable

Prevent – prevention – preventer

Manage – manager – management

Employ – employer – employee – employment

Permit - permission


Fill in the gaps with the word(s) from the list below. Explanation to these terms are given in the brackets.

performance appropriate remediation PPE risk assessment impact preventer near misses

1. Before starting oil exploration a company should perform________including identification of risks and hazards as well as the ways of removing them (defining risks out of the work).

2. The accident took place because of the absence of _______and other necessary equipment at the workplace (safety line).

3. Labour protection includes application of ___________in the process of operation (safety clothes and footwear).

4. The personnel of our company is specially trained in safety method of work ________ (doing, fulfilment).

5. At the beginning of field development an oil company should assess the possible __________to the environment (influence).

6. The drivers are required to hold the __________ driving licenses (proper, relevant).

7. To prevent accidents from occurring again it is necessary to investigate not only incidents, but also _________(an accident that nearly happens).

Fill in the correct preposition, then choose two items and compose sentences.

1. to prevent sb. doing sth. 5. to carry the work

2. to be motion 6. to be responsible sth.

3. to protect sb. sb./sth. 7. case of emergency

4. practice 8. the circumstances


Match the problems with the ways of their solution.

1. The crewmember can fall from the platform at 2 meter height A. The personnel should wear PPE.
2.The employee was found drunkard on the company location B. Mobile phones are not to be used when vehicle is on motion.
3. The operator collapses in the process of pumping fluid C. The company will remediate the impact to the environment
4. The accident happened because the driver was distracted by mobile phone call D. А preventer shall bе used that саn bear the weight of аt least 700 kg per person attached.
5. Great damage is done to landscape of the area in the process of field development E. The employee should contribute to medical treatment.


7. Compose collocations from the following words

to meet greenhouse escape near

to wear to discharge first aid fire

1. … PPE 5. … requirements

2. … waste water 6. … kit

3. … gas emissions 7. … plan

4. … extinguisher 8. … misses


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Read the words, remember the pronunciation. | Match the items with their function.

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