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Getting the basics right

BP’s safety policy states no harm to people and no accidents. Everyone who works for, or on behalf of, BP is responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them.


The following safety rules will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of our people and our communities.


Although embedded in each of these rules, it is important to emphasize that:

- Work will not be conducted without a pre-job risk assessment and a safety discussion appropriate for the level of risk.

- All persons will be trained and competent in the work they conduct.

- Personal protection equipment will be worn as per risk assessment and minimum site requirements.

- Emergency response plans, developed from a review of potential emergency scenarios, will be in place before commencement of work.

- Everyone has an obligation to stop work that is unsafe.


1. Injury or damage (n): __________________

2. Made to happen (v, past participle): _____________________

3. Analysis of possible dangers: __________________________

4. Having the skill to do something well: ____________________

5. Things that must be done on the site ____________________

6. Plans of how to react in a dangerous situation: ____________

7. Start (v): ________________________________

8. Duty ___________________________________


Write each safety rule in the box next to explanation.

  Energy isolation     Management of change (MOC)   Ground disturbance
  Working at heights     Driving safety   Lifting operations  
  Permit to work     Confined space entry    

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Match the items with their function. | BP’s 8 golden rules of safety

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