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Ex. 37 Complete the conversation. Choose the correct form

Melanie: How are you getting/do you get on in your new job, Nick?

Nick: Oh, so (1) you know/you're knowing about my job as a car salesman.

Melanie: (2) David's told/David told me yesterday.

Nick: Well, I (3) haven't been/wasn't in the job long. (4) I started/I've started on Monday.

Melanie: And how many cars (5) have you been selling/have you sold so far?

Nick: Well, none yet. Give me a chance. Up to now (6) I've been learning/I've learned all the time.

Melanie: David says you (7) had/were having a sports car once.

Nick: I've still got it. (8) I had/I've had it for about five years. (9) I don't often drive/I'm not often driving it because (10) I don't like/I'm not liking getting it dirty. Normally (11) I ride/I'm riding my motor bike. And the car is expensive to run. 1(12) bought/had bought it on impulse. I (13) was working/worked on a building site at the time. For several months before I bought it, (14) I'd done/I'd been doing overtime, and when (15) I'd been earning/I'd earned enough to buy a car, it was a really magical moment. Maybe you'd like a ride in it some time?

Melanie: Oh, yes please. That would be lovely.

Ex. 38 Complete the radio news report. Put in the correct forms of the verbs

Hello. This is (be) Kitty Beamish. (1)…(I / speak) to you from Oxford, where the finals of the World Quiz Championships will be held tomorrow. The favourite is Claude Jennings of Cornwall, the man who (2) …(know) everything. Twelve months ago no one (3) …(hear) of Claude leanings, although (4)…(he / take) part in quiz competitions for years. Now suddenly he is a big star. So far this year (5)…(he / answer) every single question correctly. And he is popular, too. When (6)…(he / arrive) here two days ago, hundreds of fans (7)…(wait) at the station to welcome him. Since his arrival Claude (8)… (read) encyclopedias in his hotel bedroom. He is clearly the man to watch. And now back to the news desk.


Ex. 39 Complete the conversations. Put in the correct form of each verb

1. A: Are you ready?

B: I won't be a moment. I'm doing (I / do) my hair.

2. A: Could you tell me your address?

B: Well,…(I / live) in a friend's house at the moment. Luckily …(I / find) a place of my own now, but I can't move in until next week.

3.A: Is this your CD?

B: No, it isn't mine…(I / think)…(it / belong) to Peter.

4.A: Can I borrow your calculator, please?

B: Well,…(I / use) it to work out these figures at the moment…(I / want) to finish doing them, now that…(I / start).

5.A: Why can't you wash your dirty plates sometimes? ...(you / leave) them in the sink most of the time.

B: OK, sorry. The last few weeks …(I / have) so little time (I / rush) around all the time.


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