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Тлумачний словник

Употребите глагол в скобках в нужном времени активного или пассивного залога. Затем переведите предложения.

1. Не ... (to be interested) in history since his childhood.

2. The positive results ... (to be obtained) until a more powerful apparatus was installed.

3. They ... (to determine) the main properties of the substance.

4. The explanation of these strange facts ... (to be given) yet.

5. He ... (to be offered) a very interesting job at that Institute.

6. All the necessary information . (to be stored) m the computer

7. After careful consideration your report ... (to be published) in one of the forthcoming issues of the journal.

8 The problem of the future of human civilization on the Earth is (to be studied) by the scientists throughout the world.



1. a) Listen to the story "Uncle Philip" and be ready to answer the following questions.

1. Who was uncle Philip? What did uncle Philip do for a living?

2. What was he famous for?

3. Who did he send for when he was dying?

4. What did he say to Tom?

5. What was written in the letter?

6. Why did uncle Philip decide to act in this way?

7. Can you think of any plan for opening the box?

b) Retell the story.

c) You are Tom. Tell us what you know about your uncle and his decision to leave his fortune to you.

2. You know there are whole families who devoted their lives to science The people this story is about worked in different fields of science and perhaps some of the names are familiar to you, but you may not know that all of them were relatives.

a) Listen to the text "A Family of Scientists" and fill in the chart.


b) Check your answers with the teacher or your groupmates.

c) Read the transcript on p. 424. Look up the words you do not know in your dictionary.



1. Topic. The scientist I'd like a new street to be named after.

In a new district of your town a new street has just been built. The people of the town are now discussing what name should be given to it. You believe that the street should be named after a scientist. Try to convince the jury. In your speech present information on:

1) the name of the scientist you would like the street to be named after,

2) where and when he/she was bom and worked;

3) the field of science the scientist worked in;

4) the discovery or invention he/she made;

5) where the results of his/her work are used now,

6) why you have chosen this scientist.

2. Pairwork. On his way to the institute Paul meets Michael, one of his friends.

a) Listen to their conversation.

MICHAEL: Look here, Paul, wfc are going to give a party next week. Would

you like to come?

PAUL:Thankyou. With pleasure. Who else are you going to invite?

MICHAEL: I think Ann and Julia will come and some boys from my group. I had to invite my cousin Philip. He is such a bore, but my mother

insists on it.

PAUL.Don't worry. I'm sure we're going to have a good time I have some

new pop compact discs. We'll listen to music and dance


b) Complete the dialogues.

1. A.:.......... ..................................... 2. A.:...........

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Решите кроссворд. | В.: Thank you With pleasure В Tom and Kate will come

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