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It's evident that getting a job depends on many factors, among them writing a strong job application and CV or resume. Your behaviour during an interview, however, is often the best and often the most important stage in getting a job.

Interviews may be conducted by one or by several people. The interview is an opportunity for the applicant to project his/her personality and convince the interviewers of his/her suitability for the job.

1. Pay attention to the way you are dressed

When you are properly dressed you demonstrate respect and consideration for those with whom you interact

Your hairstyle, nails and choice of cosmetics will contribute to your appearance.

Your clothing should meet the requirements of business style. It's very important that you should feel comfortable in your suit.

2. Be ready to speak about yourself. Your words should contain something to make people take notice of y^u. Describe briefly your experience at previous jobs and the good results you achieved there.

3. A standard question you may be asked — "Why are you looking for a job?" You should be ready to offer reasons which sound convincing.

4. You should organize your thoughts logically, have self-confidence, and never distort facts or try to persuade people to your way of thinking.

5. You must be ready to answer some unexpected questions: "What are your strong points?" and "What are your weak points?"

Your speech should be illustrated with clear examples. When speaking about your failures or mistakes be sure to emphasize the conclusion you have drawn after analyzing your failures and what they taught you.

Just remember that the capacity to overcome failures and analyze mistakes is valuable to any company.

6. You may be asked what you can do for the company or how you see your future duties. You should leam as much as possible about the company you are dealing with If possible quote concrete figures or examples so that the interviewer will appreciate the extent of your contribution.

7. What salary are you expecting9

Think of concrete figures - you should base your answer on the average salary of other employees with your qualification

8. Be ready for practical tests - if you apply for a job as a salesmanager

you may be asked to sell something or to express your opinion about how to settle a conflict in a hypothetical situation.

9. At the end of the interview you may ask some questions. You should enquire about what your future job will entail, what possible difficulties there are in store for you, and what the other staff members .arc like.

10. Some more advice:

Never be late. Even if you come too early, it is better to walk around outside than to bother the interviewer about what you should do for the next 20-15 minutes.

Remember that your speech should be more than mere words. How you speak sometimes is not as important as what you say.

Be yourself —just speak the way you speak with your friends. Try to overcome your nervousness. You can learn to control your nervousness rather than let it get the better of you. Try to accept nervousness as a natural way of helping you to be alert and do your best. Remember it is normal and natural for you to be a little nervous. As you speak, smile and try to change your facial expression to convey the emotions that you feel. A smile coupled with good posture can work wonders.

Much attention should be paid to eye contact. You should not look at the floor or at the ceiling. Look into the eyes of the people you are talking to.

Your speech is certain to be enthusiastic and lively. Now think what kind of person you are.

You may use the following words to describe yourself and other people:



To be reliable to be adaptable to be energetic to be hardworking to be eiperienced to be modest to be practical to be punctual to be well-organised to be flexible to be friendly to be honest to be responsible to be patient to be independent to be sociable to be intelligent to be loyal to be professional to be ambitious to be communicative to be sensitive to be romantic to be helpful



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