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AUDIAL PRACTICE 1. The Bermuda Triangle

1. radiation 2. prove 3. raw 4. point 5. coal

It was a warm sunny day, and there were only a few clouds in the sky Itwasgood weather for flying, and five officers in the USNavy wereplanningtheir two-hour flight to Bermuda The date - early December.

The crew members were already thinking about their Christmas holidays and their families. Their planes were ready just after lunch.

At the last minute one of the crew members went to the doctor He didn't feel well He wanted to stay at the base. The commanding officer needed him, however. He said: "The flight is only two hours Don't worry! You'll be back soon. You have to go."

At 2.10 p.m. the planes were in the air. One hour later, their work was finished, and they began the journey back to their base in Florida. Suddenly their radio controller at the Navy base received this message from Flight 19 "Emergency. This is an emergency! We cannot see land We are not sure of our position. Everything is strange. The compass is spinning wildly. We don't know our direction. We don't know where we are . . . "

Then the voices stopped. Radio contact stopped. The Navy immediately sent a search plane out to look for the men. All six planes and twenty-two men were never seen again.

The Secret of The Bermuda Triangle

According to some reports over 100 ships and planes have disappeared in The Bermuda Triangle since 1945. There are many explanations of this mystery. It is very difficult to believe that in this area there are sea monsters who pull ships into the sea and visitors from outer space who take planes, ships and people to an unknown planet.

More reasonable people say that a large number of losses in this part of the world can be explained more simply. Let's sum up the information we have and try to find a reasonable explanation.

Disappearances very often happen in good weather, without any warning. Ships and planes just seem to vanish into the air. Usually radio contact is broken and SOS signals are seldom received from the planes and ships that disappear

Some people survived the dangers of The Bermuda Triangle and returned to land safely. A ship's captain and an aeroplane pilot are among them. They say that the compass was spinning wildly. They couldn't see the horizon They didn't know where they were because there was a cloud around the ship and the plane. There was no electricity; all the instruments stopped working The electric system started working only after the ship and the plane moved forward out of the cloud.

So the simplest explanation is connected with the earth's magnetic field. There are only twoplaces onearth where the compass points to true

north. One is in the Pacific Ocean, off the east coast of Japan, and the other is in the area of sea known as "The Bermuda Triangle". It is possible that

this magnetic field may cause pilots and captains to lose their direction. It may also cause changes in the atmosphere and create storms which pull ships and planes into the sea. It is interesting to note that both these places are well-known for such mysterious disappearances.


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