Correct the mistakes in the following sentences.

1. The dishes has been washed.

2. The letters are being opened every morning in the office.

3. Your homework must finished by Monday.

4. The woman seen taking the children to school.

5. Mike has been tell about the new job.

6. The cars stole from the car park.

7. The house is been decorated recently.

8. The center will visit by the King next month.


*11. Put the verbs in brackets into a suitable passive tense.

1. Two men (see) running out of the bank yesterday morning.

2. The flowers . (already/water).

3. The Smiths house (paint) at the moment.

4. The rubbish . (already/collect) when I left for work.

5. The note (could/not/read) because the handwriting was very messy.

6. Our exams . (not/mark) yet.

7. His car (wash) every Saturday.

8. The window . (break) before the children arrived.


12. Fill in the gaps with by or with.

1. The film was directed . my favourite director.

2. The sauce was made . mushrooms and onions.

3. The child was stung a bee.

4. The window was broken . a piece of wood.

5. The glass bowl is filled .. fruit.

6. The dog was saved . a neighbor.

7. The apple pie contest was won Mrs Jones.

8. He was shot .. a rifle.

9. They were scared the thunder.

10. The fingerprints on the table had been wiped off . a towel.

11. These curtains were made . my grandmother.

12. The cake was cut a knife.

13. Dan was laughed at . his friends.

14. The house has been decorated balloons.

15. The parcel will be delivered .. my uncle.


13. Put the verbs in the correct passive or active form.

Studio: Here is the local news for today, Friday the 23d of November. Last night in Cowford, many trees ....1. (blow) down in the storm. One tree .....2.. (fall) across the main road into Cowford. It damaged the telephone lines. The tree .....3. (take) away by the fire service during the night. Heavy rain also .4. (cause) problems on the roads. Some roads .5. (cover) by half a meter of water. Many motorists .6. (leave) their cars and .7. (walk) home. Now, over to our reporter, Carol Black.

Carol: The situation this morning is better and nearly back to normal. I can see the telephone engineers at work. The broken lines .8. (repair) at the moment, so people will soon be able to use their phones again. There is no water on the roads it .9. (disappear). And the last few cars .10. (just/remove) by the emergency services.

Studio: Thank you, Carol. And some football news. We .11. (just/hear) that Cowford Town are the champions for the fourth time. A few minutes ago the referee .12. (blow) his whistle at the end of the game against Grimetown United. Our reporter at the match, Kevin Anderton, .13. (wait)to talk to us at the stadium. Kevin, .14. (be) it a good game?

Kevin: Yes, excellent, but unfortunately a bit rough. Cowfords star player, Tony Ancock, .15. (send) off because he ..16. (kick) one of the Grimetown players. And the Grimetown goalkeeper .17. (hurt) when he .18. (crash) into one of the goalposts. He .19. (carry) off the field with leg injuries, so both teams .20. (play) with ten men for the last few minutes.

Studio: Is he all right?

Kevin: Well, we dont know. He .21. (take) to hospital right now. The manager .22. (think) its serious.

Studio: Oh dear. Thats a bad end for Grimetown. What .23. (happen) now in the stadium?

Kevin: The Cowford players .24. (give) the Champions Cup. And now back to the studio.


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