Complete the dialogue using the correct word from the box.

bored boring confusing convinced convincing disappointed entertained √ entertaining frightened interesting relaxed surprised surprising

Craig: What sort of films do you like?

Liz: When I go to the cinema, I like to be entertained.

Craig: And what sort of films do you find ..1..?

Liz: Well, I like films that tell a good .....2.. story. And I mean a story that you can follow, not the sort that goes backwards and forwards in time. I find those very ..3. . And Im ..4.. when I watch a horror film. I usually close my eyes when the horror starts.

Craig: Yes, but if the story is too simple, surely you get ..5.. because you know exactly what is going to happen.

Liz: I dont mean that. If something is intelligible, its not necessarily ..6.. . Often good stories have ..7.. events or endings things that you cant possibly know at the beginning.

Craig: For me the most important thing is that the actors must be .8.. so that you really believe that they are the person they are acting.

Liz: If thats true, I imagine that you are ..9.. most of the time because, well, for example, Harrison Ford is always Harrison Ford. Im never ..10.. that hes somebody else.

Craig: Yes, but its often not important in his films because theyre escapist if youre feeling tense about work or something, you have a good laugh and you come out feeling ..11.. and happy with the world.

Liz: Im ..12.. that you like his films. Although the special effects are good, the story is always terribly simple.

Craig: Hes not my favourite, but his films are not bad.

3. Complete the sentences with the Present or Past Participle.

1. The children were (fascinate) by the animals in the zoo.

2. The animals were .. (fascinate) to the children.

3. The nature film was .. (fascinate).

4. Susan was . (fascinate) by the nature film.

5. Jennifer is .. (interest) in computers.

6. Computers are (interest) to Jennifer.

7. Jason is .. (interest) in history.

8. Jason is . (interest) person. Id like to meet him.

9. Some movies are very . (bore). They make me sleepy.

10. Sarah was (bore) at the movie.

11. The professors lecture was a little .. (bore). I almost fell asleep!

12. Professor Samuels class . (bore) me yesterday.

13. Im really . (bore) today.

14. Trying to learn another language can be (tire) sometimes.

15. Working for 12 hours with no break is (tire) for most people.

16. John is very . (tire) today because he has worked all day.

17. Im really (surprise) by the news.

18. The news is very .. (surprise) to me.

19. I get very .. (frustrate) by traffic.

20. Speaking English all day can be . (frustrate) to students.


4. Rewrite the sentences replacing the italic part with a present participle.

e.g. She was talking to her friend and forgot about everything around her.

Talking to her friend she forgot about everything around her.

1. Since we watch the news every day we know whats going on in the world.

2. They are vegetarians and dont eat meat.

3. The dog wagged its tail and bit the postman.

4. While she was tidying up her room she found some old photos.

5. He was a good boy and helped his mother in the kitchen.

6. As they didnt have enough money they spent their holidays at home last year.

7. The man was sitting in the café. He was reading a paper.

8. She walked home and met an old friend.


5. Rewrite the sentences replacing the italic part with a past participle.

e.g. I have a cat that is called Tari.

→ I have a cat called Tari.

1. The dinner was more expensive than they had expected.

2. He was accused of murder and arrested.

3. She was shocked by the bad news and burst into tears.

4. The event is organized by our team and will surely be a great success.

5. The film is based on real events and tells the story of a reporter.

6. She was born in Hollywood and knows all the famous movie stars.

7. The car was taken to the garage. It was repaired within an hour.

8. She was admired by everyone and began to grow arrogant.


6. Rewrite the sentences using the Participles.

e.g. He was lying on the bed and he was reading a book.

→ He was lying on the bed reading a book.

1. Jack burnt his finger while he was lighting a fire.

2. After Ann had ironed her clothes, she put them away.

3. Because he was cold, James turned on the heater.

4. Liza took a deep breath and dived into the water.

5. She was sitting on the sofa and she was knitting the pullover.

6. The girl who is sitting on the sofa next to Alison is Vicky.

7. Emma turned the key in the lock and opened the door.

8. Because we were late we took a taxi.


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