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Task 4. Вставьте doesn’t или don’t.

1. Tom … like chocolate ice cream. 2. I … understand this rule. 3. Dr. Watson … smoke. 4. We … like classical music very much. 5. Mr. Hill … live in New York. He lives in Boston. 6. Rice … grow in cold climates. 7. They like coffee, they … like tea. 8. We are new here. We … know him. 9. We are rich so we … have to work. 10. Dave speaks English, French, and German, but he … speak Italian. 11. They … sell this brand anymore. 12. It is really a cheap restaurant, it … cost much to eat there. 13. I have a television, but I … watch it often. 14. We live close to the sea, but we … swim often. 15. I love sumo, but I … like boxing. 16. My son … like skiing. He likes snowboarding now. 17. We … have time to do that. 18. You … like fishing. 19. He … know my address. 20. They … like each other.

Task 5. Образуйте отрицательную форму предложений в Present Simple.

1. He goes to university every day.2. My sister works here.3. They eat a lot.4. We work every day.5. I come from Russia.6. He comes from Germany.7. They live in the USA.8. He plays football every day.9. I visit my parents very often.10. His father works at an office.11. She gets up at seven o’clock.12. They play tennis very often.13. We go to the cinema on Saturdays.14. He wants to become a pilot.15. My brother watches TV every night.16. I read newspapers every day.17. Her father finishes his work at six o’clock.18. Nick goes to bed at nine. 19. He goes to school by bus.20. We skate once a week in winter.

Task 6. Вставьте do или does.

1. Where ... you live? 2. ... your grandmother live with you? 3. ... you speak English? 4. ... it snow a lot in Iceland? 5. ... London have many museums? 6. ... you have a car? 7. ... she speak Spanish? 8. ... you like going to the cinema? 9. What ... this word mean? 10. Where ... Susanne live? 11. How long ... it take you to get to work? 12. ... Peter live in London? 13. ... they work here? 14. ... we have to go to the party? 15. ... your friends work near here? 16. What ... you usually eat for breakfast? 17. ... you want to be rich? 18. ... Mary have a bicycle? 19. What time ... this class finish? 20. How much ... it cost to fly to Rome?

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