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Put the word or phrase in the right place in the question.

a. you going to go out this evening? (are)

b. Where does your work? (sister)

c. What music are you listening? (to)

d. Does finish at 8.00? (the class)

e. Why you write to me? (didn’t)

Put the words in the right order to make questions.

a. you a do have car? ________________________________________

b. older is brother your you than?_________________________________

c. often he how to write does you?________________________________

d. this time start does what class?_________________________________

e. last go where you summer did?_________________________________

LISTENING [1,T.1.14]

Listen to the story of Mark and Allie. Answer the questions.

a. Where are Mark and Allie from?

b. What company do they work for?

c. Where did they meet?

d. What did theydo?

e. Did they get on well?


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