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Complete the chart with their information.

Interviewer Woman 1 Woman 2 Man Your partner
1 Have you ever been to a Zara store? 2 When did you last go there? 3 Where? 4 What did you buy? Are you happy with it?        

3. Answer the questions:

a. What’s the most popular place to buy clothes in your town?

b. Do you buy your clothes there? If not, where?

c. Have you ever been to a Zara store?

d. When did you last go there? Where?

e. What did you buy? Are you happy with it?


1 Read and translate the first paragraph of the text. [1. p.37.]

The real price of fashion.

In 2005, a military jacket appeared on the fashion pages of Vogue. There’s nothing unusual about that, except that the price tag was not £1,200, nor even £120. The jacket was made by Primark, and it was on sale for just £12! Women went mad for it, and Primark was renamed “the new Prada”.

At Primark T-shirts cost £2, pyjamas cost £5, suits cost £15 and women’s tops cost less than £5. So it’s no surprise that Primark’s profits are increasing and new stores are opening across the UK, Spain and Ireland.

So everybody’s happy then. Well, no. According to environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth, cheap clothes are damaging the environment. Consumers are paying low prices for their clothes, but the planet is paying a high cost.

The result of low prices is that people are buying more. On average, people now buy fifty items of clothing a year – an increase of 33%. But these clothes are poor quality and they don’t last. You can’t sell them second-hand or recycle them for charity. They are disposable.

A spokesperson from the Green Party said, “We are not against fashion, but cheap clothes, not designed to last, are bad for the consumer and the planet

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Work with a partner. Put the correct verb form. | Answer the questions according to the text.

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