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A.PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES Replace the underlined words with a suitable prepositional phrase. Look at the example first.

Example:The meeting was planned for 11 a.m. and we got here at 11 a.m. ONTIME

1. I wrote the reports without any help from anyone else. 2. Did you get to the cinema before the film started? 3. Thousands of people are without jobs in my town. 4. She's making a phone call. 5. I saw the advertisement when I was watching TV last night. 6. He opened her letter because he thought it was addressed to him. 7. It was a very long journey, but finally we got there. 8. He gets killed in the last scene of the film. 9. I'm afraid I'm very busy right now. 10. I saw her yesterday, but I didn't plan to see her. IN THE END OUT OF WORK ON THE PHONE BY CHANCE BY MISTAKE AT THE END ON TV AT THE MOMENT BY MYSELF IN TIME

B. Match the sentence beginnings on the left with the endings on the right.

He suffers a at me, but it missed.
She wasn't aware b for a job in Canada.
He threw the book с from a rare illness.
She complained d to the man across the lake.
She said it was similar e for the mistake.
She applied f at his choice.
She shouted g of clothes.
He said it would depend h to the one she has.
The suitcase was full i of working at weekends.
She's tired j of her mistakes.
She apologised к on me.
I was very surprised l about the bad service.

C.Everyday expressions.In a game with a ball practice asking questions (student A) and answering them (student B). Then exchange the roles.

Customs:: - Could I see your passport, please? – Where have you travelled from? – What's the purpose of your visit? - I'm on holiday. – I'm on business. – I'm visiting relatives. – How long will you be staying? – Where will you be staying? – You have to fill in this ... (landing card, immigration form). – Enjoy your stay! – Could you open your bag, please? – Do you have anything to declare? – You have to pay duty on these items.

In the departure lounge: – What's the flight number? Which gate do we need? – Last call for passenger Ivanov travelling to Ottawa, please proceed immediately to Gate number 32. – The flight's been delayed. – The flight's been cancelled. – We'd like to apologise for the delay. – Could I see your passport and boarding card, please? – Where can I catch the shuttle bus?

Baggage: – Where can I get my baggage? – Here is my claim tag. – My baggage is broken, and some things are missing. – Where can I find a porter? – This is my baggage. – It's fragile.

At a hotel: Could I book (=reserve) a room for next Thursday? – Could I have an early morning call at 7 a.m. please? – Could you put it on my bill, please? – Could you order a taxi for me to go to the airport? – Is breakfast/dinner included? – Where is the lift? – Excuse me. How do I get to the underground station from here?

D.Complete this part of a letter about an unpleasant flight. Use the words from the box below.

took off landed fasten get off
flight flew captain/pilot  
Dear Tom I’ve just arrived in Montreal but I’m still recovering from a really terrible flight. We 1. _____ two hours late because of bad weather, and then over the ocean we hit more bad weather. The 2. _____ announced that we had to 3. _____ our seat belts, which was a bit worrying, and for half an hour we 4. ____ through a terrible storm. It was still raining and very windy when we 5. _____ in Montreal and I was really glad to 6. _____ the plane and get into the airport building. Fortunately, things have improved since then, but I really hope the return 7. _____ is a lot better.


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