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Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words or word combinations.

1.From the a)… point of view every b)… … is a complex of definite, finely coordinated and differentiated c)…and d)… of the various e)… … .

2.From the a)…point of view speech sounds are significant b)… of the language which perform c)…, d)… and e)… functions.

3.From the a)… point of view a speech sound like any other sound in nature is a b)… … and it is communicated to the air in the form of c)… … which appear due to the d)…of the air stream by the movements of e)… … .

4.From the a)… point of view speech sounds are perceived by the listener’s b)… … and transmitted through the c)… … to the d)… as a spoken message.


Choose the correct variant.

1.Which methods of phonetic investigation aim at determining the way in which phonetic phenomena are used in a language to convey a certain meaning?

a)the direct observation methods;

b)the linguistic methods;

c)the experimental methods.


2.Which aspect of speech sounds is connected with the work of the speech organs?





3.Functional phonetics is connected with:





4.Which experimental method of investigation is used to investigate the work of the vocal cords in production of speech sounds?





5.Which of the linguists investigated speech sounds from the articulatory point of view?





6.Phonetics is an independent branch of linguistics which is concerned with the:

a)phonemic structure of a language;

b)phonetic structure of a language;

c)phonological structure of a language.


7.Distributional analysis aims at:

a)determining length, pitch and intensity of speech sounds of a given language;

b)establishing all the positions and movements of speech organs;

c)establishing all the positions and combinations in which each speech sound of a given language occurs in the words of that language.



The Principal Types of English Pronunciation

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Choose the odd variant. | Standard pronunciation of English and its development. The types of Received Pronunciation.

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