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IV. Read the text in more detail and choose the best answer.

1 Which of the following is least likely to be one of the reasons why Volkswagen runs a deliberately provocative campaign?

a to generate media coverage of the campaign.

b to shock some members of society.

c to show their lack of respect for the Catholic Church.

2 Using taboo images in advertising has become popular with advertising executives mainly because

a they only want to target young people

b consumers have stopped paying attention to conventional advertising

с products are becoming more international and sophisticated

3 According to the text, shocking advertising is

a always damaging for the advertiser.

b always damaging for the ad agency.

с the simplest way to get media coverage

4 According to Leon Jaume, the young generation of consumers like ads
a with an international flavour

b that offend them.

с that offend their parents

5 The author of the text suggests that

a perhaps Volkswagen isn't broad-minded enough

b admen are not doing enough market research before running campaigns

с Volkswagen wanted to break taboos in France


V. Find words or expressions in the text which correspond to the following definitions.

1 a public space reserved for advertisers to put their ads on (para 1)

2 large pictures or notices put up in a public place to advertise something (para 1)

3 human interest subjects (para 5)
s_____ i______

4 people or companies who pay tor a professional service (рarа6)

5 try to win a business deal (para 6)
to p___ t__ b_____

6 time and space given by the media to a particular news item (para 7)

7 the person in charge of developing ideas for advertising campaigns (para 8)
С ___ D________

8 a social custom which means a particular activity or subject must be avoided (para 8)




1. What is your favorite advertisement? Why do you like it?

2. What kind of advertisement do you like?

3. Which of the following statements do you agree with?

1. People remember advertisements not products.

2. Advertising raises prices.

3. Advertising has a bad influence on children

4. Newspapers and TV are two advertising media. Can you think of others?


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