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SLIM GYMS owns and operates six health and fitness clubs in Manhattan, New York. The clubs aim to appeal to people of all ages and income groups.

All the clubs have a large gymnasium, with the latest equipment, an aerobics studio, a solarium, a swimming pool, sun decks, a cafe, bar and clubroom. There are always several fitness instructors on hand to advise people and provide them with personalised fitness programmes. A wide range of aerobic and relaxation classes run throughout the day and during the evening. The clubs try to create a friendly atmosphere, organising numerous social activities to bring members together. Three of the clubs are located in areas where large numbers of Spanish, Chinese and Italians live. Slim Gyms recently advertised for a General Manager.


SLIM GYMS General Manager Required for our chain of Health and Leisure Clubs • Salary negotiable • Excellent benefits package     Apply to: 88 Harvey Place 11—С New York NY 10003-1324   THE JOB • Developing a customer-oriented culture in the organisation in the clubs • Increasing the revenue and profits of the six clubs in Manhattan • Exploiting new business opportunities • Liaising with and motivating our team of managers and their staff Contributing to marketing plans and strategies THE PERSON • Dynamic, enthusiastic, flexible • A strong interest in health and fitness • A good track record in previous jobs •The ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds • Outstanding communication skills • A flair for new ideas and sound organisational skills


NAME: Isabella Rosetti Age: 35 MARITAL STATUS: Single: EDUCATION: Princeton University - Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) EXPERIENCE: Advertising agency for the last eight years. Important position liaising with clients and managing a team of 10 people. Previously worked as Sales Manager in a department store (Chinatown area). OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT: Got a contract with a major advertiser. SKILLS: Fluent Italian, judo expert, paints. PERSONALITY/APPEARANCE: Well dressed and self-confident. Says she is usually successful when she wants to be.Thinks women are better managers than men: They listen more and use their intuition to solve problems' COMMENTS: Positive reference, but employer suggested she sometimes took days off work with no good reason. Several good ideas for increasing revenue, e.g. by setting up beauty centres in our clubs. Didn't mention the cost of doing this! Above average score on our aptitude test. HANDWRITING SAMPLE: I am currently working for… NAME: Michael Bolen Age: 36 MARITAL STATUS: Married, with three children EDUCATION: Columbia University - Master's degree in . Business Administration (MBA) EXPERIENCE: Four years with international sports goods manufacturer - Marketing Director Previous experience with a variety of firms (sales, administration). Wants to work for a smaller organisation. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT: Successful product launch in previous job. SKILLS: Numerate and good with computers. Only a few words of Spanish. PERSONALITY/APPEARANCE: Forceful, determined, with strong views. Likes to 'keep his distance' from people until he knows them well. According to the letter of reference,'Some women find him too assertive and cold.' COMMENTS: Unhappy in present position. He has often changed jobs. Aptitude test - average score. HANDWRITING SAMPLE: I am looking for a new challenge…
NAME: Bob Wills Age: 40 MARITAL STATUS: Single EDUCATION: Park High School EXPERIENCE:Twenty years in US army - Physical Fitness Instructor. Travelled all over the world. Left army three years ago. Has taken courses in marketing, management and computing. Over the last two years has run a fitness centre in Lower Manhattan very successfully. OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT: Two decorations for bravery. SKILLS: Speaks Spanish fluently (his girlfriend is Puerto Rican). Is a successful disc jockey in a downtown club. PERSONALITY/APPEARANCE: Correctly dressed in a dark suit, but has tattoos. Sociable, with a lot of friends. Enjoys parties and dancing. COMMENTS: Believes you should always stick to the rules.Values honesty and reliability. Can be quick-tempered if people are not doing their best. Very enthusiastic with many good ideas. High score on aptitude test. HANDWRITING SAMPLE: I am writing to apply for the post of ... NAME: Stephanie Grant Age: 30 MARITAL STATUS: married, no children EDUCATION: New York University - BSc in Business Administration EXPERIENCE: Former swimming champion. Competed at Olympic Games. For last six years, highly successful presenter (children and sports programmes). OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT: Voted Top Sports Personality on a cable TV channel four years ago. SKILLS: Exceptional sportswoman. PERSONALITY/APPEARANCE: Beautiful, clever and successful. Good sense of humour On television, handles people well. Presents an image of a caring, sympathetic person. COMMENTS:'She'll do anything to get what she wants,' wrote one journalist. At 24, she gave up competitive swimming, following rumours of drug-taking. Aptitude test - above average. HANDWRITING SAMPLE: I would love the opportunity to contribute to your…  


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