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Ex.3. Read the text. Match the headings below to the paragraph (there is one extra paragraph).

A. Television belongs to the twentieth century. John Baird from Scotland was one of the first men to send pictures of moving things by electric waves. His friends who lived a few miles away were able to receive these pictures at the same time.

In 1928 he showed that colour TV was possible .Although he had discovered all this, there were other people who also wanted to make television systems and later in 1936 a system from America was first used in Britain.


B. Today in Britain and USA television is very popular. Ninety-nine per cent of all households own at least one TV set and over half of these also own DVD players. Television has enormous effect on Americans. Politicians know all about this. They try to make their big public speeches at times when they can get the largest audiences on the evening news programmers. Advertisers, too, understand the power of television. They are willing to spend billions of dollars a year on television.


C. In Britain the average adult watches twenty-six hours of television a week and children watch about twenty hours. Some Americans watch twice as much! People say too much televisions bad for children because they just watch the pictures and don’t think – but they can also learn a lot from TV.


D. At present there are four main television channels in operation: BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV and Channel 4. BBC 1 concentrates more on programmes of general interest, such as light entertainment, comedy, sport or children’s programmes. BBC 2 provides serious programmes: drama, documentaries, classical music, including occasionally full-length operas. If we watch the news programmes, we can see what is happening all over the world.


E. The news about American television is not all bad. For one thing, Americans themselves are turning off the more violent shows and watching more comedy and news programmes. For another, the news programmes themselves are becoming more interesting. The most popular is “60 miles”. If you haven’t watched it on Sunday, you won’t know what your friends are talking about on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


1. The most popular leisure activity.

2. The invention of television.

3. British television channels.

4. Television and children.


Ex.3. Make questions and ask your partner.

1. how/TV/operate

2. when/colour TV/start

3. when/first/use/in Britain

4. how many/a week/adult/watch

5. how many/a week/children/watch

6. what/BBC 1/show

7. what/BBC 2/provide

8. good or bad/for children

9. why/good

10. why/bad


Ex.4. Read the text. Tell about radio broadcasting in Russia. Fill in the names of channels in the chart below.

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Ex. 9. In pairs think of two ways that we can: save on water; create less litter; reduce air pollution. Then, ask and answer, as in the example. | Broadcasting

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