1. Speaking about my preferences in food I should say that vegetablesto me more than meat.

a. like b. appeal c. prefer d. seem better

2. When I passed my entrance exams, I was very anxious and about their results.

a. uneasy b. careful c. sure d. satisfied

3. Ann didnt pass the credit-test in English and was very upset, we tried to her

a. assure b. persuade c. warn d. cheer up

4. When you have missed something and you ask the partner to repeat it you should say

a. Excuse me. b. Sorry, what did you say? c. Pardon d. I apologize

5. He is not very much interested in environmental pollution and Im afraid this problem

a. deals with him b. leaves him cold c. concerns him d. troubles him

6. When a teacher explains things difficult for understanding he often repeats: .

a. Do I make myself clear? b. Am I right to understand? c. Do you have any particular views on? d. Would you care for?

7. If my mother wants to persuade me to do something, she always says: ..

a. The best thing is to keep cool. b. I really do object to .

c. Its in your interests to d. You could have dont it much better.


8. 1.congratulating a. Take care

2.thanking b. My warmest wishes

c. It is my fault

d. Im much obliged


9. 1.starting a conversation a. Sorry, but...

2.ending a conversation b. Thats really most kind of you

c. Much to my regret

d. Im afraid I must be off.


10. 1.asking to say again a. Do I make myself clear?

2.checking understanding b. Can you prove it?

c. What do you feel about?

d. I couldnt hear what you said.


11. 1.agreeing a. To my mind

2.disagreeing b. Im with you there

c. I dont think thats right

d. I hope thats clear


12. 1.warning a. If I were you, I would

2.advising b. May I assure you

c. Look out!

d. take it easy


13. 1.complaining a. What a pity!

2.regret b. I fear that

c. Im not at all satisfied with

d. I rather doubt


14. 1.expectation a. As a matter of fact

2.surprise b. Im uneasy about

c. Im looking forward to

d. You must be kidding!


15.1.caution, doubt a. Im not at all sure about

2. anxiety b. I didnt catch

c. Im scared of

d. I dont see why not



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