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Text A. Lobular Pneumonia

Patient Smirnov aged 48 was admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of lobular pneumonia. He had been developing lobular pneumonia gradually. A week before the admission to the hospital he had had bronchitis after which his condition did not improve.

Fever had an irregular course and the temperature changes were caused by the appearance of the new foci of inflammation in the pulmonary tissue. Fever had been persisting for two weeks and had been decreasing gra­dually.

The patient's breathing was rapid with 30-40 respirations per minute. There was breathlessness and cyanosis of the face associated with the accompanying bronchitis, decrease in the respiratory surface and occlusion of numerous bronchioles and alveoli.

The patient complained of the pain in the chest particularly on deep breathing in and cough with purulent sputum. The pulse rate was accelerated and the arterial pressure was reduced.

On physical examination dullness in the left lung, abnormal respiration, numerous rales and crepitation were revealed. Dry rales caused by diffuse bronchitis were heard all over the lungs. The liver and spleen were not enlarged. The examination of the organs of the alimentary tract failed to reveal any abnormal signs but the tongue was coated.

The blood analysis revealed leucocytosis in the range of 12,000 to 15,000 per cu mm of blood and an accelerated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).

The urine contained a small amount of protein and erythrocytes. The X-ray examination of the lungs revealed numerous foci of inflammation of various size, irregular form and different intensity. Shadowing was particularly marked at the root of the left lung due to the enlargement of the lymphatic glands.

It was a severe form of lobular pneumonia which was difficult to differentiate from pulmonary tuberculosis and pleurisy. Yet the physician made a correct diagnosis.

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