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Text A Types of Muscles

1.The word «muscle», according to one theory, comes from a Latin word that means «little mouse»: that is when a man's muscles are con­tracting they look as if a little mouse runs about under his skin. Accord­ing to another theory the word «musyle» comes from a Greek expres­sion that means «to enclose», thatis ЩШ o^musples enclose the body. We know that the muscles сойШшё appri&finiarely 50 per cent of the total body weight, slightly more in the average male than the female. Tendons, fasciae and the various organs themselves depend on the mus­cular system and the function of muscle cells.

2. There are three main types of muscular tissue that we identify and classifyjmlhej)asis of structure and functions:


1) fmootnor visceral muscle,

2) striated or skeletal muscle,

3) cardiac muscle.

3. Smooth muscles can contract slowly. They make up the walls of the
internal organs such as those of the blood vessels, and the digestive tract.
Since we identify the internal organs as viscera, we sometimes call smooth

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