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Text A Coronary Heart Disease

Superior vena cava
Left coronary artery

1. The coronary blood vessels surrounding the heart have derived their
мпле from the fact that they encircle the heart like a crown, or corona.
I hese vessels transport almost a half pint of blood every minute over the
urface of the heart. Any sudden blockage of one of the coronary arteries
Icprives that section of the heart of its blood supply. Cardiac cells die,
heart contractions may cease, and circulation may come to a standstill. If
i coronary artery is completely plugged, the condition is. called a coro­
nary occlusion'or heart at­
tack. The vascular pathologic
disorder itself has been very
variable. If the obstruction
is only partial or in one of
the smaller coronary tribu­
taries, prompt treatment of­
ten leads to the individual's
recovery. An occlusion in
main coronary arteries is

very serious and may cause Fig. 14. Coronary arteries supplying the heart. sudden death 0ther causes

of the coronary disease in-lude heavy physical exercise, aging, diatetic habits, obesity, smoking, or hypertension.

2. Pain which had been developed in the heart may be due to a blood-
How deficiency in the coronary vessels. This is referred to (actually felt in)
i he left arm and shoulder. Such pain from the heart has been called
mgina pectoris. Angina pectoris may not actually be noticed until the
\sork load is too great in relation to the flow in the coronary vessels.
People who had experienced it repeatedly often do not feel pain unless
i hey experience strong emotion. Others experience it much of the time.

3. Fortunately, the great majority of coronary disease patients will
have recovered and have been able to lead active, useful lives, when
i hey receive proper treatment under good medical supervision. There
ire many preparations which have been effective and are under clinical
investigation at the present time. ь

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 | Rare that only one of these structures is affected; what happens to one frequently affects the others as well.

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