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Test 29 (B)

(British English)

Right / wrong - tenses. Find the mistake and correct it.

A) right B) wrong

1. We are here since April.

2. Have you been crying? - No, I've been chopping onions.

3. I wonder what will happen if he push this button.

4. How long are you working for this company?

5. It was a lovely day so we decided to stroll in the park for an hour.

6. This is the smallest dog I'd ever seen.

7. I know you are just pretending to read because you've got the book upside down.

8. Can you think of any other songs? We have sang all the ones we know.

9. The recipe was not good,but the soup tasted of sour.

10. I have ever been to Jamaica.

11. I used to walking to school, and I used to thinking that it was very unfair that I couldn't go there by bus.

12. Someone has been stealing my bicycle.

13. The students were working for two hours when the teacher told them to stop writing.

14. I already saw this film twice, but I'd like to see it again.

15. He looks angry! Had he been arguing?

16. She is cleaning her teeth at the moment.

17. The dog won't bother you unless you teased him.

18. We hadn't seen her at the party last night.

19. The more you study, the better results will be.

20. He isn't exactly a stranger - I had met him once before.


Test 30 (A)

Is the reply correct?

A) right B) wrong

1. I've just met Simon. - Oh, have you? How is he?

2. He's very well. - Oh, isn't he? And you?

3. I'm feeling tired. - Oh, do you?

4. Yes, I went for a long walk yesterday. - Oh, went you?

5. Yes, I walked to a lovely town. - Did you?

6. Yes, but it was very strange. - Wasn't it?

7. Yes, it didn't have any parking space. - Oh, didn't they?

8. No, and there weren't any cars. - Really?

9. No, but everyone had bicycles. - Oh, had they?

10. Yes, it's a really clean town. - Has it?

11. I want to live there. - Oh, did you?

12. Yes. It looks perfect. - Oh, does it?

Test 31 (A)

Fill in. A) -What B) -What's

1. he doing?

2. are his hobbies?

3. your phone number?

4. _____ do you think of this dress?

5. in the newspaper today?

6. does Jane's sister look like?

7. the little boy playing with?

8. the weather like today?

9. silver used for?

10. the man in the boat doing?

Test 32 (A)

Which question word is used to put the question to the bold

type word or expression?

A) Who B) How C) What

D) Where E) When F) Why

1. Jack phoned Ann.

2. Janet likes spaghetti very much.

3. We can start work on Monday.

4. The last exercise was the easiest.

5. Jane met her friends at a party.

6. She doesn't want to dance with you.

7. He's worried about the test.

8. We have seen this film three times.

9. My friend's family has got a flat on the sixth floor.

10. It isn't cold in England in the winter.

11. We are going to the cinema tonight.

12. Jack was upset because he wasn't invited to the party.

13. I'd like to listen to the radio.

14. We went on an excursion by bus.

15.1 borrowed money from my friends.

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