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Test 67 (A-B)

Reflexive pronouns. Fill in the blanks with the words where necessary.

A) myself B) himself C) herself D) itself E) yourself F) ourselves G) themselves H) —

1. John, be careful! Don't hurt with the hammer.

2. Children, help to sweets and juice.

3. We didn't know who that man was. He hadn't introduced

4. All my friends enjoyed at my birthday party.

5. When do you feel glad?

6. When my sister was making a pudding she burnt on the oven.

7. It is convenient to have an automatic cooker. It turns on and off.

8. Relax when you dance.

9. My father always repairs his car .

10. My grandparents grow their vegetables .

11. Take the towel and dry . It's windy, you may catch cold.

12. We usually paint the house .

13. His mother never cleans the windows in their house .

14. We haven't decided yet where we'd meet .

15. Look at the kitten. It's washing .

16. He got up, washed , shaved , dressed and left the house without disturbing anyone.

17. I often talk to when I'm alone.

18. If you don't want to make mistakes in your work, you should concentrate .

19. Who went with her? - Nobody. She went by .

20. Little Alice is only two, but she can dress .

21. Do you wash your clothes or does somebody else do it for you?

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