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Test 14 (B-C)

The following text is mixed up. Arrange all parts of it in the correct order.


A great many people are afraid of snakes...


1. Most of the poisonous snakes of the United States are rattlesnakes.

2. There are, however, some poisonous snakes, and some are very poisonous indeed.

3. Rattlesnakes get their name from the rattles on their tails.

4. Deaths from snakebite have been cut down in recent years by the use of antitoxins that work against the

snake poisons.

5. There are now few deaths from snakebite in the United States, Canada, and European countries.

6. A great many people are afraid of snakes and think any snake should be killed on sight.

7. About 10,000 people die each year in India alone from the bites of poisonous snakes, and thousands more die in other tropical regions.

8. Actually most snakes are harmless, and some do a great deal of good by eating such animals as field mice and rats.

9. A rattlesnake often shakes its rattle when it is about to strike and thus gives a warning.

Test 15 (A)

Tense mixture. Decide which answer А), В), С) or D) best fits each space.

The Grasshopper and the Ant

A grasshopper spent the summer singing and dancing in the sun. One day he saw an ant hurrying by. She 1 and hot. "Why you 2 on such a lovely day?" asked the grasshopper. "I'm 3 food for the winter," the ant said and went on her way. She 4 all the other ants carrying food to their store. The grasshopper sang another song and carried on dancing. When winter came and there 5 on the ground, the grasshopper 6 to eat. He 7 so he went and asked the ants 8 him some food. "We worked all summer 9 our food. What

10 you do?" said one of the ants. "I 11 singing and dancing," replied the grasshopper. "Well, if you 12 all summer and do no work," said the ant, "then you must starve in the winter."

MORAL: Always 13 for difficult times in the future.

1. A) looked tiring B) looking tired C) looked tired

2. A) do ... work B) do ... working C) are ... working D) is ... working

3. A) collect B) collecting C) collected D) collects

4. A) was joined B) was joining С) joins D) joined

5. A) was snow B) was snowed C) were snowed D) were snow

6. A) had no nothing B) didn't have nothing C) had nothing

7. A) was hungried B) was hungry C) wasn't hungry D) hungried

8. A) to give B) give C) to gave D) gave

9. A) to collect B) collect C) collected D) to collected

10. A) was B) were C) do D) did

11. A) was busy B) were busy C) wasn't busy D) weren't busy

12. A) sing and dance B) sang and danced C) were singing and dancing

13. A) prepare B) prepares C) prepared D) preparing

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