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The notion of a functional style. Classification of functional styles. Publicist style.

Publicistic style is emotional, its aim is to influence the reader, to make reader accept writers point of view. It is used in articles, essays etc. In publicistic style the aim is achieved by logical argumentation of the idea, by the emotional appeal to the reader. The audience must feel the personal concern.

The notion of a functional style. Classification of functional styles. Newspaper style.

Newspaper style.Its communicative aim is to inform the reader, to make information objective. It is the style which is used in the news items, press reports, information, advertisement, announcements. It bears no stamp of individuality of the reporter. This is not strictly observed. It has its lexical and grammatical peculiarities: Press terminology - political and economical terms; abbreviations, fixed cliches, the arrangement of the sentences; special names, dates. Syntax - because of restrictions of time, space, reporters have to cram all the news in to the few lines, that is why they make long and complicated sentences, grammar rules are disregarded. There is a certain way of reporting, a word order is distorted. Headlines - they are short with a peculiar arrangements of words, prepositions and articles are avoided. There widely used elliptical sentences, the verb “to be” is omitted, simple tenses are used. A headline must be catching and informative.

The notion of a functional style. Classification of functional styles. Scientific prose style.

Scientific prose styleis used to explain and to prove. It mustn’t be emotional. You may refer the reader to some other scientific works. The language is logical and very precise. Each branch has its specific terminology. The peculiarity of terms: they are used only in one meaning and realize only one logical meaning. The style is to be convincing, it must be impersonal. There is a wide use of impersonal constructions. The style abounds verbal constructions, attributive noun groups. Word order is usually direct, the text is divided into paragraphs. One paragraphs conveys one thought, key sentences are the last and the first ones.

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