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Задание 16. Употребите необходимый вспомогательный глагол в следующих вопросах. Найдите на них ответы в правой колонке.

1. … you know his name? a. No, I didn’t. I don’t like onion even now.
2. … they visit the museum yesterday? b. Of course. They read two books a year.
3. … you family watch TV tomorrow? c. Yes, he did. He sold three packager.
4. … his sister learn in the academy& d. Sorry, but I don’t. Maybe John knows.
5. … you lose your wallet last week? e. Sure, we will. We like to watch TV in the garden.
6. … they buy a car two days ago? f. I think, he won’t. He will be busy in the garden.
7. … Ben Jordan go to the cinema with us next Sunday? g. No, they didn’t. They wanted to buy a Pontiac, but there were only Fords.
8. … your students read English books in the original every year? h. Yes, I did. And not only my wallet. I also lost my driving license and keys.
9. … you like onion when a child? i. Yes, they did. It was very interesting.
10. … he sell a tour package yesterday? j. No, she doesn’t. She is a schoolgirl.

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