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State which of the comparative structures represent metaphors and similes

He has a tongue like a sward and a pen like a dagger. (H.Caine)

You talk exactly like my father!

The laugh in her eyes died out... (M. Spillane)

The grin made his large teeth resemble a dazzling miniature piano keyboard in the green light. (J. Jones)

// was his habit not to jump or leap at anything in life but to crawl at everything. (Dickens)

Distinguish between metonymy and metaphor

He earns his living by his pen. (S. Maugham) / ... came to the place where the Stars and Stripes stood shoulder to shoulder with the Union Jack. (Steinbeck) Money burns a hole in my pocket. (T. Capote)

State which of the attributes represent epithets

... whispered the spinster aunt with true spinster-aunt-like envy.


A lock of hair fell over her eye and she pushed it back with a tired, end-of-the-dayjesture. (J. Braine)

The money she had accepted was two soft, green, handsome ten-dollar bills. (Dreiser)

4. Comment on the play upon words:

His arm about her, he led her in and bawled, 'Ladies and worser halves, the bride!' (S. Lewis)

Then there were the twin boys, whom the family called "Stars and Stripes ", as they were whipped regularly. (O. Wilde)

There comes a period in every man's life, but she's just a semicolon in his. (S. Evans) (period in American English means " a full stop")

Did you hit a woman with a child? — No, sir, I hit her with a brick. (Th. Smith)

lsn 't it discouraging when it takes two days to fly a letter from coast to coast? I get so mad I mark the envelopes ■'Air-Snail". (example from the work by С.Ж. Нухов)

5. Point out litotes and hyperbole

She was not without realization already that this thing was impossible, so far as she was concerned. (Dreiser)

Joe Clegg also looked surprised and possibly not too pleased. (Christie)

Her family is one aunt about a thousand years old. (Fitzgerald)

Comment on the peculiarities of antonomasia

Every Caesar has his Brutus. (O. Henry) There are three doctors in an illness like yours... Dr. Rest, Dr. Diet and Dr. Fresh air. (D. Cusack)

Explain the meaning of these euphemisms

7 expect you 'd like a wash,' Mrs. Thompson said. 'The bathroom 's to the right and the usualoffices next to it'. (J. Braine)

Why, in the name of all theinfernal powers, Mrs. Merdle ...? (Dickens)

What allusion is made in the extract?

"Christ, it's so funny! Madame Bovaryat Columbia Extension School!" (Salinger)

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