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Ann is a part-time student of the Law Department at Moscow University.

Every day from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. she works as a secretary at the same people’s court where her father’s friend is a judge. When she comes to the court she studies documents and she speaks with the people who ask for help. She also discusses with the judge the order of the day.

In the evening four times a week she attends lectures, seminars and tutorials at the University. This year they have classes in Theory of State and Law, History of State and Law and other subjects.

Once a week, on Friday, Ann has classes in English. The students read and translate texts, ask and answer questions. Sometimes they have tests. Ann’s answers are always good and she is glad to get good and excellent marks for them. I have worked in the field of protection of human rights since my studying at school. I got a very useful experience working in the international youth organization – The United Nations Model Organizations – that specialized in international relations. I took courses on theory of human rights, world policy, parliamentary procedure, participated in 12 international conferences “Russia and the world community” in St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo. I made resolutions on the problems of capital punishment, violation of human rights in the military conflicts, euthanasia and successfully submitted them. I continued my work in this field at the university. My reports about personal freedom, problem of nationalism and illegal transplantation of human organs took price-winning places at the student conferences.

But I gained the most valuable knowledge and experience for me in the USA, when I studied at one of the best universities over there. American system of high education is very effective and provides real facts based on real practice. I won IREX scholarship and it gave me an opportunity to take course on international relations and to look at the problem of violations of human rights from the other side.

After a year of study I can say with confidence that the USA is a model of democratic state, where the rights of citizens are observed and guaranteed. The USA is the world leader in the field of protection of human rights. There is a well-functioned system of organs, which deals with detection and investigation of crimes, connected with violation of human rights. I was involved in mechanism of making complains and their consideration in court. I saw that it worked perfectly. I realize now: my country needs the same.




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