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Verbs ending in ss, sh, ch, x, o → es verbs ending in constant + y → ies
I wash – he washes I go – he goes I cry – he cries BUT: I play – he plays
Time Expressions with Present Indefinite
Once a week Twice a week Every day Every morning Every year Usually Always Sometimes Seldom Never At noon In the evening etc.

I. Give the proper forms of the verbs in brackets:

1.He often (to listen to) records of classical music. 2. Steve (to keep) his books on a big shelf. 3. They usually (to write) letters on beautiful paper. 4. His grandfather (to prefer) to sit in a very comfortable armchair. 5. These shoes (to belong) to my sister. 6. My father (to know) Italian a little. 7. They (to spend) much time in the open air. 8. He (to play) tennis rather well. 9. My mother (to like) to cook. 10. Ann`s parents (to devote) much attention to their children.


II. Transform these sentences according to the model:

Model 1: Jim speaks German, (Polish).

Jim speaks German, but he doesn`t speak Polish.

Model 2: They speak English, ... (French).

They speak English, but they don`t speak French.


1. Mr. Cook writes newspaper reports, ... (books). 2. My grandmother does all the cooking, ... (the shopping). 3. Brian drives a motor-cycle, ... (a car). 4. My sister plays table tennis, ... (lawn tennis). 5. I like serious music, ... (pop music). 6. These workers build blocks of flats, ... (factories). 7. I like tea, ... (coffee). 8. They take exams in January, ... (in December). 9. Her brother studies at school, ... (at the University). 10. We live in Russia, ... (in the USA).

III. Transform these sentences according to the model:

Model: Fred doesn`t keep his notebooks on the table. (in his drawer)

He keeps them in his drawer.


1. She doesn`t study Greek. (Latin) 2. He doesn`t leave home at 8. (at 8.30) 3. Ann doesn`t drink tea in the morning. (coffee) 4. My sister doesn`t like yogurt. (milk) 5. Mother doesn`t cook breakfast. (dinner) 6. My brother doesn`t go to the theatre. (to the cinema) 7. She doesn`t spend her vacation at the seaside. (in the country) 8. John`s sister doesn`t study medicine. (law) 9. Nick doesn`t go in for boxing. (body-building) 10. Kate doesn`t live in the hostel. (at her aunt`s)

IV. Ask questions using the question words given:

Model 1: They prefer to go to the cinema. (Where ... ?)

Where do they prefer to go?

Model 2: He usually leaves home at 8 o`clock. (When ... ?)

When does he usually leave home?


1. The Blacks live in a small village near Liverpool. (Where ... ?) 2. These men go to the pub every evening. (How often ... ?) 3. They take exams in January and in June. (When ... ?) 4. Mary usually does her room very quickly. (How ...?) 5. We want to catch the six-o`clock-train. (What train ... ?) 6. Mother wakes him up at a quarter to 7 a.m. (At what time ... ?) 7. They want to buy a new dictionary for their son. (Who ... for?) 8. He likes home-produced foodstuffs best. (Which ... ?) 9. He studies at the Law Academy because of the family tradition. (Why ... ?) 10. She often uses her father`s computer. (Whose ... ?)


V. Choose the correct item:

1. There ... many higher schools in our city.

a) do b) does c) is d) has e) are

2. I ... nothing in my hand.

a) am b) do c) have d) does e) has

3. This girl ... to School No. 5.

a) to go b) go c) has d) goes e) is

4. Chelyabinsk ... one of the largest cities in Russia.

a) is b) does c) has d) are e) is not

5. The students of our group ... English.

a) to study b) studies c) study d) don`t study e) teach

6. My family and I ... in the USA.

a) live b) lives c) don`t live d) living e) doesn`t live

7. ... there any pictures on the walls?

a) does b) do c) is d) has e) are

8. ... you sleep in the daytime?

a) does b) is c) do d) have e) are

9. Ann ... like to read detective stories.

a) do b) does c) is d) don`t e) doesn`t


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