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Task 1. Read the text carefully and agree or disagree with the statements given below.

1. We call a set of agreed rules a Constitution.

2. The United States of America has an unwritten constitution.

3. In Britain the monarch is not limited by the rules of the state.

4. The Sovereign`s office is hereditary.

5. In France the head of the state is not elected.

6. Originally the House of Lords was a very powerful body.

7. The House of Commons is indirectly elected by the people of Britain.

8. Parliament means much more than just the House of Commons.


Task2. What is missing?

1. An unwritten constitution means that it is not written in a __________ official handbook.

2. Britain is a __________ monarchy.

3. In a __________ the head of the state is elected.

4. The __________ is the oldest part of the British Constitution.

5. The Lords` powers are strictly __________ .

6. The most powerful of the three elements which form part of the British Constitution is the __________ .

7. The Queen, the Lords and the Commons form __________ .





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