Grammar Exercises

Comparison of adjectives

Adjectives of: Positive Comparative Superlative
One syllable Long Longer than The longest of/in
Adjectives of: Positive Comparative Superlative
Two syllables ending -y, -w, -er. Happy Happierthan The happiest of/in
Two or more syllables Modern beautiful More modern than More beautiful than The most modern of/in The most beautiful of/in


1. We use the comparative to compare two people or things and the superlativeto compare three or more people or things.

Ex. : Jenny is younger than Mary. Jenny is the youngest of all her friends.

2. We use than with the comparative and the of/in with the superlative. We use in with the superlative, usually when we refer to places.

Ex. : London is bigger than Leeds. It is the biggest city in England.

3. Some adjectives form their comparatives either by adding er/-est or with more/most.

Some of these are: clever, stupid, narrow, gentle.

Clever clever the cleverest or clever more clever the most clever.


Adjectives ending in:

  -e→-r/-st   -y→-ier/-iest One stressed vowel between two consonants double the consonant
Large larger largest Heavy heavier heaviest Big bigger - biggest


Irregular forms

Positive Comparative Superlative  
Good/well Bad/badly Much Many/a lot of Little Far Better Worse More More Less Further/farther Best worst most most least further/farthest Further/farther = longer (in distance) Ex. : I cant run any further/farther. Further=more There is no further news at the moment.


I. Write the comparative (older/more modern etc.)

1. Old older

2. Strong

3. Happy

4. Careful

5. Important

6. Bad

7. Difficult

8. Large

9. Far

10. Serious

11. Crowded


II. Complete the sentences. Use a comparative.

1. Sues car isnt very big. She wants a bigger car.

2. This house isnt very modern. I prefer more modern houses.

3. You are not very tall. Your brother is

4. Bill doesnt work very hard. I work.

5. My chair isnt very comfortable. Yours is

6. Jills idea wasnt very good. My idea was .

7. These flowers arent very nice. The blue ones are

8. My case isnt very heavy. Your case is

9. Im not very interested in art. Im .. in history.

10. It isnt very warm today. It was . yesterday.

11. These tomatoes dont taste very good. The other ones tasted.

12. Britain isnt very big. France is.

13. London isnt very beautiful. Paris is.

14. This knife isnt very sharp. Have you got a ..one?

15. People today arent very polite. In the past they were..

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