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Упражнение 9


1. You can’t stop me _____ what I want.
to do
that I do

2. I must go now. I promised _____ late.
not being
not to be
to not be

3. Do you want _____ with you or do you want to go alone?
me coming
me to come
that I come
that I will come

4. I know I locked the door. I clearly remember _____ it.
to lock
to have locked

5. She tried to be serious, but she couldn’t help _____.
to laugh
that she laughed

6. Paul lives in Berlin now. He likes _____ there.
to live

7. I am tired. I’d rather _____ out this evening, if you don’t mind.
not going
not to go
don’t go
not go

8. ‘Shall I stay here?’ ‘I’d rather _____ with us.’
you come
you to come
you came
you would come

9. Are you looking forward _____ on holiday?
to go
to going
that you go

10. When Lisa came to Britain, she had to get used _____ on the left.
to driving
to drive

11. I am thinking _____ a house. Do you think that’s a good idea?
to buy
of to buy
of buying

12. I had no _____ a place to live. In fact it was surprisingly easy.
difficulty to find
difficulty finding
trouble to find

13. A friend of mine phoned _____ me to a party.
for invite
to invite
for inviting
for to invite

14. Jim doesn’t speak very clearly. _____
It is difficult to understand him.
He is difficult to understand him.

15. The path was icy, so we walked very carefully. We were afraid _____ .
of falling
from falling
to fall
to falling

16. I didn’t hear you _____ in. You must have been very quiet.
to come

17. _____ a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.
After finding
Having find
We found

18. She noticed _____ away from the house.
him to run
him run
him ran

19. I’d advise _____ more exercise.
to take
you to take
you taking


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