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Arrange the words into four groups according to the rules of reading.

save bones fly

drum game joke

job corn desire

horse pare form

gift sort hare


2. Indicate how the letter g is pronounced in the words:

a) [g] b) [dg]

religion engineer

geography giant

bridge oxygen

beggar guard

gear bargain

figure gypsy

hamburger regulator


3. Arrange the words into two groups:

a) the words that begin with prefix;

b) the words that end with suffix

remove government

midnight slowly

porter duckling

lioness wildly

honourable nonsense


4. Plural forms. Which 10 words in the list below have mistakes (including spelling mistakes):

knives shelfs roofs hives

tomatos pianos carrots potatoes

videos loafs thiefs handkerchieves

leafs deers postmans woman-doctors

heroes safe oxes mothers-in-law

5. Translate into Russian, pay attention to the construction there + be.

1. There is no smoke without fire.

2. There is some coffee in the coffee-pot.

3. There wasn’t any cheese on the plate.

4. Are there any pupils in the yard?

5. There will be many exams next term.

6. Is there any sugar in the cup?


Open the brackets using the Possessive case where it is necessary.

1. (Our students) marks leave much to be desired.

2. These (sportsmen) clothes are in the cloak-room.

3. (James) book is on the table.

4. The main (story) characters are young persons.

5. His (grandfather, son) is his father.


Give Russian equivalents to the English proverbs and sayings.

1. A good name is better than riches.

2. Two heads are better than one.

3. Second thoughts are best.

4. One’s bark is worse than one’s bite.

5. Say well is good, do well is better.

6. Those do least who speak most.

Fill in the blanks with the necessary article and explain its meaning.

1. Where is ... money? -I've no ... idea.

2. May I have a look at... ring, please?

3. Ted, you'll have to rewrite ... test, I'm afraid.

4. Have you understood ... rule, children?

5. Thank you for ... invitation, we'll come.

6. We like ... song. It will be ... hit.

7. I am sorry, but I don't remember ... address.

8. Here is ... book, you can keep it for ... week.

9. It's getting dark. Turn on ... light.

10. -Well, where shall we keep ... dog? -In ... yard.

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